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Best tips for a healthy lifestyle

For healthy lifestyle to have to know the good tips for life

Body care in a homely way

Massage the soles of the feet with oil before going to bed. sleep for eight hours every day and avoid excess fatty foods and avoid cold foods. Always sit up straight. Whenever you eat food, chew it well and eat it. The reason for obesity is to eat oily and sweet foods, so if you can eat very little of this type of food, you should fast one day a week and maintain a balanced diet.

Eat more green vegetables and fruits. Dressed according to your tastes and personality and maintain the beauty of the body. Take a bath before going to bed. It will make you sleep better. Wear loose clothing before going to bed at night Every body part breathes through the pores so loose clothing should be worn before going to sleep.

Pay special attention to hair because hair is a part of beauty. Wash your head with herbal shampoo once a week. Do yoga for at least ten minutes every day and you will get peace of mind. Don’t worry while sleeping at night. Deep sleep is very important to maintain good health. If there is a professional problem, solve that problem, it will improve mental health

The benefits of walking

Helps to think creatively and promotes good sleep.Gives physical strength and protects from mental anxiety and tension and prevents diseases and reduces arterial pressure, prevents heart disease and enhances memory.Wake up very early every morning and walk two or three kilometers and then take a bath and pray it will refresh the mind and soul.

Even if you have a car, don’t drive too much. Work on your feet most of the time. This will exercise your leg muscles.

Lets know some special  fruits health tips


Ginger is an ideal medicine for stomach ailments. Ginger reduces the pain of arthritis and arthritis. It regulates the blood circulation.Ginger plays a special role in keeping the heart functioning properly and cold and loud and enhances the immunity which is beneficial for the lungs.It is useful in migraine diabetes etc. and relieves nausea and ginger honey is useful to cure shortness of breath


Avocado helps keep the heart healthy and boosts the body’s immune system and reduces the risk of stroke and also protects the eyes from aging eye problems

Betel Leaf

Drinking leaf juice helps in digestion of food and after eating heavy food leaf juice helps in digestion and relieves irritable mood, also eliminates bad breath and drinking leaf juice on the head before bath removes lice, colds, constipation and loss of appetite.

Coconut water

Coconut water helps to remove facial scars.

Fish Oil

Eating oily fish greatly reduces the risk of heart disease.


Destroys harmful bacteria for teeth.


Increases immunity High in protein Calcium Cheese is highly effective in preventing cancer Strengthens the heart and controls blood pressure in the body.


Sugarcane keeps the brain well and fences do a lot of physical work. They get rid of fatigue by drinking sugarcane juice. Sugarcane is very beneficial for jaundice. In addition, if you burn your eyes with extra reading and play, your eye irritation will decrease immediately. good tips for life


Potatoes are rich in antioxidants and help in weight gain, blood circulation, skin roughness and immunity.

Neem leaves

If you are thirsty and your throat is dry even after drinking more water throughout the day, then it is beneficial to fry neem leaves with hot rice.


In case of blood contamination and night blindness and diarrhea and loud asparagus tree is very useful and effective. Besides, it is useful in healing hemorrhoids and rheumatic fever.


Grapefruit breaks down bad protein and breaks down fat and eliminates aging and cures skin diseases. In addition, grapefruit enhances the taste in the mouth and keeps the stomach well and reduces excess weight. It is also useful for cold and fever.good tips for life


The antioxidant properties of dates are rich in vitamins, minerals, calcium, potassium and are enough for history, so if you can keep them in the EFL diet, the essential elements of the body can be easily absorbed.

Coriander leaves

Reduces the level of bad cholesterol in the body works to increase the level of good cholesterol and is beneficial in digestion and helps the liver to function properlyMaintains the balance of insulin and lowers blood sugar levels and cures ulcers in the mouth is good for eyes and iron in it is also very useful in curing anemia and it helps in preventing lung and stomach cancer and relieves arthritis pain, strengthens memory and helps brain to keep moving.

Protein rich foods

There is no pair of protein rich foods to keep the body healthy. It helps to increase the function of thyroid gland. Yogurt can be eaten to increase the function of thyroid gland. Iodine and probiotics help to maintain good health.


Raisins do not contain any cholesterol , they even contain anti-cholesterol ingredients that help pass bad cholesterol in the blood, and the soluble fiber in raisins helps to remove cholesterol from the liver.

Basil juice and coconut oil

If any part of the body is burnt, apply basil juice and coconut oil on it.This will reduce the burns and the burn area will dry quickly and the burn marks will vanish.


Carrots are rich in beta carotene antioxidants .Studies have shown that beta carotene is converted to vitamin E which is very beneficial for patients with asthma.


Honey has been used for a long time in the treatment of asthma. Natural honey contains some physical ingredients that are very helpful in reducing the incidence of asthma and asthma. Mixing a teaspoon of honey in a glass of hot water  and drink it .This process gives great benefits.

Mustard oil

In case of asthma attack, mustard oil and garlic mixture  are very useful for massaging the chest and back.It clears the airway passages and helps to get back to normal breathing.This is a very effective way to treat asthma at home.


The role of apples in protecting the lungs from asthma is undeniable.

A British study found that they ate two to five apples a week on a regular basis, with 32 percent of them safe from maternal or asthma attacks.

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