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What is hemoglobin, What does hemoglobin do?

Almost all of us are more or less familiar with the term hemoglobin. Even this word reminds us of our blood. Because we know this word is related to blood. The blood of all vertebrates and invertebrates, including humans, contains hemoglobin, which carries oxygen and other functions of the body.

Let’s know the details about hemoglobin today. I have a good idea about what it is, how it works in our body, its range, etc.

What is hemoglobin?

Hemoglobin is an essential protein in our body, in the language of medical science, it is also called metalloprotein. It resides in our red blood cells and maintains the required concentration in the blood. For hemoglobin, the blood is as thick as it is red. Other components of the blood are usually colorless, and hemoglobin makes the blood red.

Hemoglobin plays a role in the formation of two types of proteins in our body, according to medical science. One is tertiary and the other is quaternary. Both types of protein are essential for the body. And to provide stability to these proteins, hemoglobin produces a type of amino acid called alpha-helix in the blood.

What does hemoglobin do?

We already know that hemoglobin makes colorless blood red. At the same time, it also ensures the adequacy of various elements in the blood. However, the main function of hemoglobin is to transport oxygen to the body. It delivers the necessary oxygen to every organ of the human body. Oxygen deficiency is one of the major causes of low blood hemoglobin.

When we take in oxygen with the breath from the air, it first goes to our lungs. And hemoglobin is responsible for transporting this oxygen from the lungs to every tissue in the body, to every organ.

Not only that, it is this hemoglobin that exchanges carbon dioxide with oxygen. That is, it carries oxygen from the lungs to the body and carries toxic carbon dioxide from the body to the lungs. Then the lungs send it out through our breathing.

Thus, we understand that the relationship of hemoglobin with our blood oxygen supply is extremely important. Because of this, if the substance in the blood is depleted, the supply of oxygen to the body is disrupted. And then we face various physical problems including anemia.

If there is any contaminant in the blood, hemoglobin cleans it, that is, it prevents the mixing of any harmful substance in the blood. Even as hemoglobin accumulates in our bodies, hemoglobin helps to transport them out of the body.

Hemoglobin is the protein component of 96 to 98 percent of the blood cells in the human body. This hemoglobin occupies 35% of the total weight of blood (including water). Every 1 gram of hemoglobin in our body can take in 1.36 milliliters of air each time, sometimes a little more oxygen. As a result, the supply of oxygen to the body, especially its levels in the blood, increases by about 60 times.

97% of our body’s oxygen is supplied from the lungs to various parts of the body through hemoglobin. The remaining 3 percent is absorbed into the blood plasma. Hemoglobin can move oxygen in the blood at least 30 to 100 times.

Where the oxygen level in the lungs is very high, hemoglobin fixes the oxygen level very nicely. That is, it carries extra oxygen from the place where there is more oxygen to where it is less. Each molecule of hemoglobin contains 4 iron atoms. And each iron atom receives oxygen one by one.

Last word

We have a pretty good idea of ​​what hemoglobin is and how it works. Now we have to be very careful not to reduce the hemoglobin in the blood. And although for some reason it decreases, we need to eat regularly those foods that increase hemoglobin in the blood. Eating these foods is the main way to ensure that enough hemoglobin is produced in the blood.

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