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What happens when the hemoglobin in the blood decreases?

Hemoglobin decreases is a type of blood substance in our body, a very important protein. This powerful protein in the human body plays the biggest role as a carrier of air or oxygen. When our lungs collect oxygen from the air with our breath, hemoglobin carries that oxygen to different parts of the body.

That is, the body delivers as much oxygen as it needs. Regular oxygen elimination. Regular oxygen elimination. When the hemoglobin in the blood decreases, various problems occur.

Hemoglobin makes our blood redder, darker, and keeps the blood components right. Adult type hemoglobin is naturally produced in the body of every child in the mother’s womb called hemoglobin A-two. Hemoglobin A-2 plays a very important role in various blood tests in the laboratory.

Hemoglobin A-2 is also needed to know the amount of hemoglobin in the blood, normal or high or low. And this important hemoglobin is inherited by all children from their parents.

But for various reasons, the level of hemoglobin in the body decreases and we face low label hemoglobin. Women usually have a hemoglobin crisis due to excessive bleeding during childbirth, which means that their body is severely deficient in hemoglobin at this time.

If the hemoglobin in the mother’s body is low, the child’s body is also low. That is, the child does not receive as much hemoglobin A-2 from the mother by birth. As a result, the child’s body also lacks hemoglobin.

And there are many reasons for the decrease in hemoglobin in the body of adults. If there is a lot of bleeding as a result of the accident, if there is iron deficiency in the body, if there is a disease like piles, there will be a lack of hemoglobin. Today we will know if there is this deficiency, what are the problems in our body when hemoglobin decrease-

What is hemoglobin, What does hemoglobin do?

Know the amount of hemoglobin in the blood – high, low and normal range

What happens when hemoglobin in the blood decreases

We have got a rough idea about what hemoglobin is and what this hemoglobin does in our body. We also know why hemoglobin in the blood decreases. This time we will clear our idea about what happens in the absence of hemoglobin.

Lack of hemoglobin causes respiratory problems

We already know that hemoglobin plays a key role in supplying oxygen to our body. It collects oxygen from the lungs and delivers it to all parts of the body. So, understand that if the hemoglobin in the blood decreases, the supply of oxygen throughout the body is disrupted. That is, oxygen does not reach certain parts of the body due to lack of required number of hemoglobin. As a result, there is weakness in breathing. That is, normal breathing is interrupted. And sometimes it is seen that there is an unusual difficulty in breathing.

Lack of hemoglobin leads to physical weakness

We all know that the heart does the work of purifying the blood in our body. Every day a person’s heart purifies about 800 gallons of blood. You may be wondering where 800 gallons of blood would come from in a human body!

Your thoughts are right in one sense. But you need to know that the blood that flows through our body comes back to the heart and the heart purifies them and sends them to different organs. This circulation of blood through the heart continues. Understandably, when there is not enough blood in our body and there is a deficiency of hemoglobin in the blood, this blood circulation process of the heart is disrupted. As a result, our heart rate increases which is not pleasant at all.

Lack of hemoglobin causes cold hands and feet

Lack of hemoglobin often leads to cold hands and feet. We all know that blood is usually hot. For example, if we hold the blood that comes out of our body for any reason, we feel light heat. In fact, the hemoglobin in the blood keeps our hands and feet warm. And whenever there is a deficiency of hemoglobin in the hands and feet, the hands and feet become cold.

In the absence of hemoglobin, the skin becomes pale and turns yellow

In the absence of hemoglobin, our skin turns yellow. In such cases, when the skin turns yellow, many people mistakenly think it is jaundice. In fact, hemoglobin plays a vital role in the normal color of the skin. And when not enough hemoglobin flows under the skin, the skin of our body gradually becomes pale.

Lack of hemoglobin distracts attention

If the blood does not have enough powerful hemoglobin for the body, it also affects our attention. Because, there is a deep connection between the body and the mind, a vast bridge. When there is a lack of something in the body, it also affects the mind.

The same is true of hemoglobin. Lack of it creates various problems in the body, as well as a serious crisis in the mind. The biggest crisis is the problem of attention. That is, not being able to concentrate properly on anything.

We know what happens when the hemoglobin in the blood decreases. In addition to what I learned, there were other minor physical problems. However, the problems mentioned are the main ones. Therefore, these are discussed in detail. Hopefully, we will all work hard to prevent hemoglobin deficiency in our body.

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