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Ways to identify good stones and test the stone field.

Stone is a very hard, strong, and long-lasting engineering material. Commercial production of rock. The stone is called the king of construction materials as there is no other material as strong and durable as stone. In this episode, we will learn how to identify good stones and test the stone field.

The stones have been divided into 3 classes by VO on the chemical composition.

1. Sandstone,

2. Mudstone,

3. Limestone.

1. Sandstone: Silica or pure sand is more abundant. Very hard, strong, durable and not easily eroded due to weathering. Such as- granite, quartzite, trap, sandstone etc.

2. Mudstone: This stone has a high amount of mud. These stones are very dense, strong and durable but brittle. Such as slate laterite etc. All of these features are a good way to identify mudstone.

3. Limestone: These stones are high in calcium carbonate. Sustainability depends on the environment. Such as marble, limestone, gravel, gravel, etc.

Ways to identify good stones

1. 3/4 ”downsize is OK.
2. Well graded i.e. 60% will be 3/4 ”, 30% will be 1/2” and 10% single.
3. Whether the stone is broken from the boulder.
4. There will be no single stone that will not be broken
5. Must be mud-free stone.
6. There will be no dead stones.
7. One cubic foot of good stone will weigh 160 pounds to 160 pounds (63-6 kg).

Even in ancient times, people used stones. Stone Age people used stone as a tool for self-defense and animal hunting. Over time, stone became the main building material. Stone is a very hard, strong, and durable material. Stone is used in the construction of roads, bridges etc. Although there are different types of stones, considering all these features, some of the stones that can be used in construction work are described.

1. Single stone: This stone is round and smooth. Pieces of stone of suitable size or 3/4 or 3/4 downgrade are called single stones. The building capacity of such stones is low. Just like when a boiled egg is pressed, the inner comes out, just like if a single stone is used in a heavy structure, there is a possibility of slipping from the concrete due to high load on the concrete. These stones are usually used for piling work.

2. Broken stones: Single or 3/4 inch to larger pieces of stone are broken in the machine. When one stone is broken, two or more pieces of stone are found. This stone has an oily smooth feel on any 3/4 side. These stones are also unsuitable for use in heavy structures. These are commonly used for piling work.

3. Boulder broken stone: This piece of stone is of the best quality. Large stones are broken and turned into coveted shapes. The pieces of this stone are shaped like angled corners. Its bond power is very strong. This stone is used in the construction of large buildings. In fact, the use of stone makes the structure more robust which is used in heavy construction work.

The following are the characteristics of recognizing good stone to be used in construction.

  • The stone structure will be very strong and long-lasting.
  • The structure will be homogeneous and crystalline.
  • The stones will be of equal color.
  • It is not advisable to use porous or perforated stones.
  • Good stone will have a very low water absorption capacity.
  • Good stone will be strong enough to resist pressure ball.
  • The density and relative importance of good stone will be higher.
  • Will be strong enough to prevent corrosion caused by friction.
  • identify good stones that will be impervious to liquid penetration.
  • The stone is heat-conductive and has very low electrical conductivity.

Stone field test

The test work in the rock field is done in the following ways-

1. Weight test: If you take two pieces of stone of different sizes of equal size in hand, which will feel heavier the stone is better because the structure of heavy stone is strong and the amount of holes is less, so the weight is higher.

2. Breaking stones: Breaking different types of stones which will feel harder to break is the best stone. Because the work of breaking a solid durable stone is more difficult than the work of breaking a light blank stone.

3. External view: If the broken surface of the broken stone is flat to look at and the grains are clearly visible, it will be considered a good stone.

4. Observing the similarity of colors: Stones of even color are harder and more durable than stones of different colors.

5. Hitting: Hitting a stone with another stone or hammer sounds like a metallic blow, it means a good stone.

6. Friction: If a stone is eroded by rubbing another stone or something hard in the construction work, the stone will be considered unsuitable for construction work. Rocks that will produce more dust due to friction are also unsuitable for construction.

7. Scratch: If a stone is easily scratched with a knife, it is unsuitable for construction.

8. Surface vision: The rock on which cracks are found is unsuitable for use in stone construction.

9. Long-term exposure to open rock canyons: Looking at such long-standing rocky canyons, it is understood that what is the reaction of the weather on the rocks of that canyon?

10. Old building philosophy: You can know about the class of stone by looking at the old building made of any class of stone.

The above stone field tests are the best ways to identify stones. By completing the above tests we can easily identify good stones.


1. What is the stone?
Answer: Stone is a very hard, strong, and long-lasting engineering material. The commercial production of rock is stone.

2. Why is a stone called the king of construction materials?
Answer: The stone is called the king of construction materials as there is no other material as strong and durable as stone.

3. How many methods are followed for rolling stones?
Answer: 4 methods are followed.

  • Excavation method
  • Heat method
  • Wagging method
  • Explosion method

4. Where good stones are found in Sylhet.

Answer: The largest stone quarry in the country is located at Bholaganj in Companiganj Upazila of Sylhet. The Khasia Jaintia hills in the state of Meghalaya are called Dhal in the rainy season. The rocks come down with the slope in the Dhalai river. The extraction of stones continues till the arrival of the next monsoon.

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