The pain it’s causes and remedy

How much better it would be if there was no pain, is it really so?


Patients with cancer/tumor do not have any pain at the beginning, there is nothing left to do for a few days when the problem is created in the body, a lot of time has passed. So if there was a pain in the beginning, you could have gone to the doctor earlier, there would have been a diagnosis earlier, right? Now, why is there pain in different parts of the body? It can be due to injury, it can be due to being overweight, it can be due to sitting or standing in the same position, it can be due to infection, it may be due to any problem of any intestine or organ inside the body, it may be due to many more. If someone’s back hurts, if it doesn’t hurt, the first thing that comes to mind is that nothing happened to the kidneys !!! But if 100 people have back pain, only 99 people have no kidney complications. 98% of people do not need any operation. But what do we do !!! Don’t go to a group of doctors, because the doctor will give you painkillers, and your kidneys will be damaged !!! Another group will go to the pharmacy for 7 days, go to that chamber for 7 days and take only painkillers for 6 months and 1 year. Another group of our mothers, aunts, uncles, grandmothers who will only notice for 1 month why there is a slight pain !! Tell the people in the house who will tell you next month and after a few days I will go to the doctor, so when 6 months go by and you can’t stand up, 4 people will be arrested and brought to the hospital. Another group went to the pain doctor 1 year ago and it got better. Again, I don’t see the same problem after taking those medicines for a few days. Another group of people took the medicine after seeing the prescription of the neighbor. Another group went to the doctor and told him not to do any test, so he prescribed the medicine. Another group will come and tell me but don’t give me any medicine for pain, I have heard that the kidneys will be damaged. No one will be in pain like this or you are not aware enough… I am discussing what to do in the pain of injury in the first step ..

 What you should do in trauma pain

(1) Do not panic at first, determine the type of injury. If you are able to walk even after the injury, if you can move the side joint without any problem in the hope of injury, then it should be understood that the injury is not so complicated, in this case, home treatment is more likely to be good.

(2) If the severity of the injury is very high and you are unable to walk after the injury or there is a lot of pain and swelling in the surrounding joint, you must consult a doctor or go to the emergency department.

(3) If you lose consciousness due to injury, or vomit, have difficulty breathing or bleed profusely, you should be rushed to the hospital.

(4) A person injured in any kind of road accident or fire must be taken to hospital.

(5) Falling from a tree or any building should be taken to the hospital. (6) If you think the bone may be broken, take the affected area to the hospital with as little movement as possible.

back pain

What to do at home with minor injuries

(1) Apply ice to the injured area

(2) Keep the injured area at rest – you can use an elbow bag if you have it in your hand and keep it high with a pillow if you have it on your feet. Do not do the things that you do while leaning forward in back pain for a few days.

 (3) Paracetamol tablets for mild pain and Rolac tablets for more pain. (4) If it does not subside within 2/3 days, you must seek the help of a doctor.

What to do if you have a lot of serious injuries

(1) Call or ask for help from the people around you.

(2) In case of excessive bleeding, rush to the hospital with cloth or pressure bandage (remember that if 30% of the body is bleeding, the affected person may become shocked/unconscious)

(3) Check if the affected person’s breathing is normal (in this case, you can watch YouTube and learn how to keep the affected person’s breathing normally.)

 (4) Use an elbow bag for resting the injured area, a sling for the legs, a lumbar corset for the waist, and a cervical collar for the neck (these will protect the patient from further injury and reduce pain)

(5) If the hospital is a little far away, apply at least one saline from somewhere nearby and give a pain injection or suppository.

In cases where you need to be taken to the hospital very quickly

(1) If you become unconscious after an injury or vomit several times

(2) In case of excessive bleeding

 (3) If there is no pulse after an injury to hand or foot (should be taken to tertiary hospital within 6 hours)

(4) If the limbs become numb or paralyzed due to injury to the spine or head or neck.

(5) If any bone is broken or any joint becomes excessively swollen or runs out of normal position.

(6) If more than 20-30 percent of the body is burnt, try to write in a way that only the general public can understand the above statements.

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  • Pingback: diabetics status in bangladesh || many more reason for this problem

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