The harmful effect of beauty cream

Many of us try our best to make our skin color beautiful, even if we don’t use it. Even then it seems that there is no profit, I keep trying. Many people have a tendency to go to the parlor in addition to a daily beauty treatment at home. Especially in the wedding dress must go to the parlor. But no one knows if the ingredients we use in the parlor or at home can cause problems in your life. harmful effects of beauty cream every girl should have to know as it can cause cancer.

“People think that skin creams are generally safe,” said Shuai Xu, an American dermatologist. They don’t even think about the health risks that can result from this. This mentality needs to change.

He added, ‘Patients who come to me show me different types of creams that they have bought from the market without any kind of prescription. I was really surprised to see them. There are some creams in it that can harm the body if not used properly. ‘

These lightening products include soaps, creams, brushes, tablets. There are even injections. These injections reduce the production of melanin pigments in the human body, yet they are still very popular.

According to the World Health Organization, four out of every 10 women in Africa use bleaching products. Most used in Nigeria. There, 8% of women use various cosmetics to brighten their skin color. It is followed by Togo, 59% and South Africa 35%. 71% of women in Asia and 40% of women in China use these.

Research has shown that consumer demand for these items is also increasing. At the same time, it has become difficult to deal with these. The global market for skin whitening products in 2016 was about ৮ 4.6 billion. The market is expected to double to ৮ 6.9 billion by 2028. Its demand is mainly in middle class families in Asia and Africa.

Authorities in Ghana last year warned pregnant women not to take whitening tablets. This is because the antioxidant glutathione has been found in these tablets. Pregnant women think that if they take this tablet, the color of their unborn child will turn pale.

Hydroquinone reduces the body’s production of melanin (brown or black pigment, which determines skin color). At the same time it can cause permanent skin damage.harmful effects of beauty cream is undescriable

The British Skin Foundation says there is no safe way to whiten the entire skin. There is no evidence that the creams that are sold in the stores actually lighten the complexion. It can have the opposite effect. This cream can make your skin unusually white or even blacker. As a result, the normal qualities of the skin can be lost.

It is very common to have such problems in the body with age. This causes brown or gray spots on the skin. Especially in the face. This is more common in women. Especially during pregnancy.

Alexandroff, a researcher at the British Skin Foundation, said it was possible to restore skin color through a dermatologist. However, there are some approved creams that can be used on the advice of doctors.

Side effects:

According to the study, in most cases, women start using these lightening cosmetics without the advice and supervision of doctors. But these cosmetics can have serious side effects. Such as:

  • Itching of the skin
  • Inflammation
  • Swelling
  • Rash

Harmful aspects of mercury

Some products that claim to lighten the complexion may also contain a variety of harmful ingredients. This hydroquinone slows down the process of melanin formation in the body.

The World Health Organization says products that contain mercury are harmful to health. But even then mercury has such products in China, Lebanon. Produced in Mexico, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand and the United States.

The sale of products containing mercury has been banned in the European Union and many African countries. However, the United States, Canada, the Philippines and a few other countries have small amounts of mercury in products that are approved for sale.

Disadvantages of mercury:

  • Kidney damage
  • Skin rashes, discoloration, sore spots
  • Decreased resistance to bacterial and fungal infections
  • Anxiety Anxiety, depression, impairment from mental instability
  • Nervous problems

Social movement:

The color of the skin should be pale – there are various movements in different societies to change this mentality. The name of such a movement in India is: ‘Black is beautiful.’ The slogan of Pakistan is: ‘To be beautiful, you do not have to be pale.

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