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Stone supplier in Dhaka Bangladesh

Each type of stone lends itself to different construction applications based on its properties. Certain types, such as basalt and granite, for example, have higher sensitivities and higher properties such as durability and are therefore employed in large construction projects. stone supplier in Dhaka can give you relaxation to find your dream house. stone supplier in Dhaka gives you proper stone to meet your goal. However, there are stones that have their properties (such as low sensitivity strength and the presence of harmful materials in their components) that make them suitable for minor construction work, for example, Guinness. The rocks originated from rocks that occurred naturally as part of the Earth’s crust. Each rock has a different chemical composition and exhibits different properties. Some of these stones are widely used in the construction industry. Some commonly used building stones as well as their properties and uses are explained in this article.

Different types of stones lend themselves to different uses depending on their properties. It is important to get the right advice to make sure the right type of stone is used.

Different types of stones include in stone supplier in Dhaka


A mineral composition of gypsum, light-colored, transparent and soft alabaster was commonly used in medieval times for religious carvings, such as altars, tombs and idols. Due to its transparent nature it is now used for light accessories, but expensive and rare. For more information see: Penarth Alabaster.


Basalt is a igneous rock composed of molten rock that has been solidified under pressure. It has a uniform gray color and is very hard and compact. Its most common use as an overall but also for polished basalt flooring, monuments and other stone objects. stone supplier in dhaka make your dream true .


Granite is a flammable rock consisting of quartz, mica and feldspar. It is common and widespread and almost always larger, stiffer and stiffer which makes it suitable for applications that will require wear resistance. Depending on the mineral content it can range from light gray to black, pink, blue and green.

Its color, viscosity and low porosity make it a popular choice for kitchen worktops, as it is attractive and resists heat and spillage of food and drink. Internally it is also used for tiles, fireplaces, stairs, where weight is not a problem, the bar is at the top and the table top. It lends itself well to outdoor use for water features, memorials and widening.

Use of building stones

The stones used for different types of work are as follows:

Excellent grained granite and guinea fowl are used for heavy engineering work such as building bridge piers, breakwaters, memorials etc.

Granite, quartzite and compact sandstones are used for masonry work in the smoke and smoke exposure industries.

Marble, granite and sandstone are encountered in building work.

Limestone and sandstone are used for general construction work.

Fine-grained granite, marble and soft sandstone are used for carvings and ornamental work.

Compact limestone and sandstone are used for fire resistant masonry.

Granite, quartzite stones are used in building foundations in high-level underground spaces.

Marble, slate, sandstone and granite stones are used for floor stones.

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