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Stone suitable for construction work and its properties

Stone suitable for construction work, it is necessary to know how the use of stone started before knowing about it. Even in ancient times, people used stones. In the Stone Age, people used the stone as a tool for self-defense and for hunting animals. Over time construction has become the main material for making stone suitable for work. Stone is a very strong and durable material. Stone is used in building houses, roads, and bridges.

The characteristics of the Stone suitable for construction work are as follows

It will be rough and any size around.

The stone mixture will be of the same quality. For example, the mixture of broken stone with ghost broken stone is not the same.

Boulder broken stones are much bigger stones. These stones are broken and made smaller. This stone is called boulder broken stone when a large stone is broken and made smaller. The stone is rough and has a shape around it so it can easily mix well with sand cement. Boulder broken stone is quite suitable for construction work.

Bhutu’s broken stone is a lot like a small egg stone. When this stone is broken and shortened, it is called a ghost broken stone. This stone is very oily. The broken stone does not crumble, so the sand cannot mix easily with the cement. So it is suitable for construction work by mixing boulder broken stone with ghost broken stone.

The stone mixture will have stones of all sizes, big and small.

The stone will not have a mixture of oily substances, coal and dead stone.

Quality test of stone

Stone suitable for construction work

1. If you take two pieces of stone of different sizes of equal size in hand, the stone that will feel heavier will be considered as a stone suitable for stone construction work as the structure of heavy stone is strong and the amount of holes is less, so the weight is much higher. The stone that weighs the most between the two pieces of stone is better for construction work.

2. Stone suitable for construction work, if the surface of the broken stone is flat to see in external view and if the grains are clear then that stone will be considered as good stone and can be used in construction work without any hesitation.

3. Stone suitable for construction work, if hit by any other stone or hammer, it sounds like a metal blow, it means good stone.

4. If a stone suitable for construction work is rubbed by another stone or something hard, if the stone is eroded then that stone will be considered unsuitable for construction work. It is very important to determine the stones for the construction work by carefully considering the issues which are unsuitable for the construction work if any stone causes more dust due to friction.

5. Stone suitable for construction work. If a crack is found on the stone which is suitable for construction work, then the stone has to be changed. Cracked stones cannot be used in construction.

Depending on the type and characteristics of each stone, it is used in different constructions. Each stone is suitable for different construction works based on its characteristics. For example, stones with high sensitivity and durability, such as basalt and granite, are used in large constructions.

Below is some information about the different stones used for different construction works

1. Basalt

The stone which is known as the trap. The stone is used as a concrete material in road construction, bridge piers, river walls or dams with rubble in the rubble. Yellow and red basalt and traps are used as railway ballasts to make decorative features in structures.

2. Granite

Use of granite stone

Granite is an igneous rock formed by magma at great depths from the earth’s surface. It is tough and durable. It is available in different colors. It can be polished beautifully. As a result of polishing it the color changes from light gray to pink. Polished granite can be used as a table top, as a cladding for columns and walls. Granite is used for large engineering projects. It is used for construction of bridge dams, offshore structures etc. Used on walls and floors.

3. Sandstone

The use of sandstone

Sandstones with silica cement are used to make heavy structures. It consists of quartz and feldspar. It is available in different colors like white, gray, red, buff, brown, yellow. It is also used in masonry work, dams, bridges, piers and river walls.

4. Slate

Use of slate stone

Slate is a metamorphic rock formed by the metaphorical action of the shell under low pressure and thermal conditions. It is hard and fragile. Slate is used for flooring, roofing, partitions, etc.

5. Limestone

The use of limestone

Limestone consists of sedimentary rocks which are formed by the accumulation of weather particles. It contains a lot of calcium carbonate. It is soft and easy to operate. Limestone is used to make lime and cement. It is also used for floors, roofs etc.

6. Lottery

Use of laterite stones

Lottery is used as a building stone but its outer surface needs to be plastered. It contains a high percentage of iron oxide and blocks can be easily cut. Laterite is used for rough stone construction work, pavement construction work etc.

7. Marble

Marble rocks belong to the convertible category and are formed when limestone is subjected to excess heat and pressure. This process of formation is called transformation. Marble is tough and short in nature. It comes in a variety of colors and it can take a good polish.

Used for marble floor work. It can be easily carved to the required size so it is used for structural, decorative and ornamental work.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which material is called the king of construction materials?

Answer: Who is the stone?

2. Where is the stone to be collected?

Answer: From the rock.

3. Why is stone called the king of construction materials?

Answer: There is no other material as strong and durable as stone among the materials used in construction.

4. What type of stone is used in ornaments and crafts?

Answer: Granite and marble.

5. How many methods are followed for rolling stones?

Answer: Explosion method, heat method, excavation method, wedging method.

Stone suitable for construction work

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