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12 scientific ways to increase memory

There are many ways to scientific ways to increase memory. But be aware of the 12 effective scientific methods that will help you improve your memory. These methods will increase the efficiency of your brain as well as eliminate the problem of suddenly forgetting something or not being able to remember a while ago.

Many of us are often victims of amnesia. Some people can’t remember what happened before, some people forget where they left the key of the house or mobile phone a while ago. If this has happened to you, there is nothing to fear. This happens to most people.

While it is normal to forget some things, if you tend to forget excessively, it is definitely not a good sign for your future. We need to receive a lot of information every day for our own needs and store it in memory. If we don’t remember it when we need it, we fall into extreme stress. Therefore, it is very important for those who have such problems to increase their memory.

Ways to increase memory

Strong memories symbolize a healthy brain. By memory we mean a power that can be used to store any kind of information in our brain and reuse it when needed. There is some information that we need to remember for a long time. Such as someone’s mobile number or address etc.

Again, There are many ways to scientific ways to increase memory if someone hurts, we try to forget it. The two things that are remembered or forgotten are accomplished through a process in our brain. In order to increase our memory we need to follow some methods to improve these processes. So let’s not be late, let’s find out the details about the way to increase memory.

1. Look at the food

The brain has a very close relationship with food. There are special foods for physical growth, such as brain growth or memory enhancement. Nutritious, protein, mineral and vitamin foods are essential for musk.

Mediterranean diets are considered to be the healthiest foods in the world. Studies have shown that people who are accustomed to the Mediterranean diet have a much stronger memory than other people. At the same time, it reduces your chances of losing memory by 53 percent with age.

Foods that increase brain function-

  • Ogema-3 fatty acids (found in marine fish and canola oil)
  • Oily fish (trout, salmon, sardines, bain,)
  • Coffee (Coffee contains caffeine and caffeine stimulates the brain and relieves fatigue)
  • Blueberries (especially effective for girls’ brains, protects against inflammation and cornerstones)
  • Turmeric (helps reduce brain inflammation)
  • Broccoli (rich in sulfarophane)
  • Pumpkin seeds (rich in zinc and minerals)
  • Almonds (Brain nutrient rich in polyphenols)
  • Oranges (rich in ascorbic acid)
  • Eggs (rich in important cholesterol for the brain)
  • Polyphenols (also found in walnuts, almonds)
  • Green leafy vegetables, especially spinach (rich in vitamin K, float and lutein)
  • Dark chocolate (contains plenty of polyphenols needed for the brain)
  • Green tea (keeps brain neurons well)
  • Avocado (protects the accumulation of fat in brain cells)

As a way to enhance memory, you must pay attention to your diet and eat the above foods.

2. Exercise regularly

Make it a habit to exercise regularly to improve your memory. Exercise increases the supply of oxygen to the brain and increases your memory as well as eliminates fatigue, nausea, etc. When exercising, be sure to schedule some exercises that increase the speed of blood circulation in the body.

Exercises to improve brain function and memory.

  • Aerobic Exercise:  Aerobic exercise not only keeps the heart healthy, it also keeps the brain active. This type of exercise helps to regulate the function of the brain, repairing damaged brain cells. Aerobic exercise activates the dopamine in the brain cells, which in turn improves the nervous system.
  • Yoga and Meditation:  Yoga helps to increase the flexibility of the brain. When yoga and meditation are done together, it increases the ability of the brain to focus. In addition, meditation relieves stress and increases the functionality of the brain.
  • Walking:  Although walking is a very common exercise, it is extremely beneficial for the brain. Walking increases the communication capacity of different areas of the brain. Regular walking improves the neural connections of the brain. As a result, the brain’s ability to perform tasks, including planning, setting work priorities, and setting priorities, increases.

There are many more common and advanced label exercises that are very useful and effective for the brain and memory.

3. Get enough sleep

If you want to use your brain’s memory properly, you must get enough sleep. An adult needs at least 8 to 9 hours of sleep a night to avoid amnesia and related problems. Nowadays most people are used to using mobile phones at night. As a result of staying up late, their memory, creativity, and problem-solving ability begin to decline.

Problems with your brain if you don’t get enough sleep-

  • Loss of memory: When you don’t sleep properly, the memories inside the brain start to fade. Any memory becomes harder to remember. The mess at the memory center started.
  • False memory is created: When sleep is not good, the brain imagines certain memories that force the person to believe the truth. For example, the brain thinks about an event seen in a dream. In that case, the brain cannot separate what is true and what is false.
  • Anger increases: Not getting enough sleep reduces the power of controlling emotions. The pressure on the brain makes people less angry. And anger is the worst aspect for the brain that starts to cause other problems starting from memory loss.

So, you must understand that the way to increase memory is to get the right amount of sleep. Hopefully, those who don’t sleep well or spend time without unnecessary work will be aware of sleep from now on.

4. Refrain from doing multiple tasks at once

At this time of competition, people want to do more in less time. But the surprising thing is, doing multiple tasks at once or multitasking actually slows down your work rather than solving it quickly. At the same time it interferes with the process of storing any information in your memory.

Studies have shown that it takes about 6 seconds for our brain to store any information in memory. This means that if you keep talking on the phone while choosing products at a grocery super shop, you will no longer remember what you need to shop for.

5. Continue learning regularly

After finishing formal reading, we don’t want to read anymore, we keep the brain lazy. A variety of studies should be continued to keep the brain always active. As we know, there are many types of studies outside of formal education.

6.Play Brain Games

If you don’t constantly try to find a solution to your brain by putting it in a new state, it will gradually become slower. Brain games are an effective way to train the brain in this way. There are currently a number of things online that can enhance your memory performance through play.

Benefits of playing brain games-

  1. Brain games enhance memory
  2. Brain games increase the re-action time of the brain
  3. Brain games help you think faster
  4. Brain games increase the power of consciousness and increase the power of understanding
  5. Brain games are helpful in increasing concentration
  6. Brain games help to create plans and strategies independently.

There are many types of brain games available online, some of which can be played on a computer and some on a mobile phone. However, the types of games that are good for your brain to help you are given below-

  • Card Games: Card games are the best way to keep the brain fresh and active. Memory is enhanced by remembering the strategy and pattern of each card game.
  • Board Games:  Chess, draft and scrabble type board games are great ways to increase brain function.
  • Puzzle games:  Problem solving puzzle games, such as Suduku Brain Exercise. Games like this help the brain to think hard and come up with solutions.

Hopefully, you understand how effective playing brain games is as a way to increase memory. So, play the games discussed above to make the brain brilliant.

7. Think from the opposite

Think 100 to 1 or 500 to 1 in reverse. Try saying your mobile number or your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s mobile number from the opposite side. You have made a list to market, now try to remember the items from the last to the first of the list. So much more you can start upside down.

8.Solve crosswords

Scientific ways to increase memory Solve crosswords Game

You must have seen the crossword puzzles in different magazines. This is very fun and great exercise for the brain. So, solve crosswords occasionally. Maybe it’s Bengali or English, Prothom Alo or Daily Star’s crossword. Crossword protects the brain from dementia, is the result of research.

9. Work by changing hands

Those who work with the right hand, they do some work with the left hand. And those who do different things with their left hand, try to do them with their right hand. You can do this process at least once a month. It also helps the brain to process new functions and increases the strength of the brain. So, sometimes changing hands is also a great way to boost your memory.

10. Do something new

Almost every one of our lives is full of boredom. I do the same thing every day and do it the same way. No, the brain needs to be given your new job, given the opportunity to think anew. So, get out of the daily routine and do at least one new thing every day. Or, try to do some of the everyday tasks a little differently. For example, the road you go to varsity or office every day, change that road one day. Go to the destination by any known or unknown road. It will work great as a way to increase memory.

11. Eliminate moral thoughts

Undoubtedly, moral thinking is very bad for the brain, so stop thinking morally. Make a habit of thinking positive all the time, you will see the brain working well. We usually think much more morally during times of tension. And the brain then becomes agitated which reduces the efficiency of the brain. So, stay calm in any situation and think positive and constructive.

12. Chew gum

What, chewing gum chewing gum? Yes, chewing gum makes your memory work more efficiently than before. One study found that participants in the study who were accustomed to chewing gum were able to perform 25 percent better on memory test tests than those who did not.

Also a good way to improve your memory is to write regularly. Write down the information you want to remember in a notebook. This does not mean that you need to remember the information later in the book.

Studies have shown that writing habits can significantly improve memory. A study on University of California students found that students who wrote notes by hand were able to memorize more information than those who typed notes on a laptop.

So follow the above steps to get rid of the trouble of suddenly forgetting something and forget the problem of forgetting.

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