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Girls are aware of fashion and form from age to age. Fashion and women complement each other. Today we are going to publish the best online shopping mall in the country, giving you a golden opportunity to easily shop for girls’ fashion products online. You can easily shop online from the drawer for the new saree of girls with attractive colors and designs you need.

Buying sari online in India will now be easier and smoother. India’s e-commerce world has brought a new wind to the door. Where is the drawer option to buy sari online for women with confidence and trust?

Saree Design: Traditional Desi Clothing for Girls

Keeping in mind the Indian Bahaman tradition like Daraj Pahela Boishakh, it has expanded the collection of traditional desi clothes for girls. You will find everything you want, including a sari collection for girls, salwar kameez for girls, fatwa and kurti, abaya burqa designs and hijab for girls, etc. Sitting at home together, you can see the wonderful combination of Daraj’s fashionable sari design and traditional desi dress. In order to inculcate the Bengali tradition among the Bangladeshi buyers, Daraj has arranged the traditional girls’ fashion category exactly according to the minds of the buyers.

The color of the festival will now spread across the country through the hands of Daraj through the largest sari collection (Saree price in India) of India online.

Saree Collection: For Working Girls

The most important aspect of girls’ fashion is clothing. And over time, the fashion and style of girls’ clothing changes. And in this fashion there is color, material and design of clothes etc. Since there are six seasons in our country, there is a huge change in the fashion of trendy clothes for girls. Working women, regardless of their age, nowadays wear sari (also known as sari) and many people prefer salwar kameez.

Although the eternal beauty of Bengali women is unmatched by any other garment like the sari, the sari has become somewhat festive nowadays. Even though our grandparents are still there, many of our mothers and aunts are stuck in sarees.

Now you can choose sari in a more easy range by looking at the design of Jamdani sari from Daraj. And whether it is Jamdani sari or Dhakai sari or muslin sari, you can buy sari of any design online from India at the best price without any hassle. And the price of an affordable Georgette saree 2022 can now be enjoyed only at the door. So get Georgette Sari Loop online at a huge discount.

But the first choice of the girls who have to go out is of course the sari of Bengali tradition. No matter what clothes the working girls wear, when choosing clothes, they have to keep in mind that their clothes should be elegant. Clothing and cosmetics should never show aggression. In fact, everyone still wears sari following the special sari design of the traditional Bengali and the rules of wearing old sari.

Even if it is bought with money, the main invaluable asset and demand of any Bengali girl’s wedding is the wedding sari. It is compulsory for the bride to buy red sari, white sari or blue sari, maroon, heavy work chiffon, jamdani, banarasi or georgette sari. However, in the eyes of most Bengalis, the word red sari for marriage comes first.

Nowadays, many people prefer orange sari or green sari. Daraj Online Shop, the best online marketplace in the country, has a wide range of wedding sarees of different colors and designs, including Benarsi, Chiffon, Georgette and Olive Sarees.

One piece of Banarasi sari buying online Banarasi Palli

On the India website you will find a wonderful collection of all the wonderful Banarasi sarees of Benarsi Palli in Mirpur, the heart of the country. The most enviable thing is that buying Banarasi sari from Daraj is now easier than going to Benarasi village and you will get it at a very affordable price with discount. And if you match the price, you will find the price of the most affordable Benarasi saree at the door. There is also a huge Indian sari collection in the drawers.

Eid, New Year or Pooja-Parvan, which is the first choice of Bengali women in any festival of Bangladesh? In answer to such a question, an answer will come from everyone – sari. Everyone will unanimously admit that Bengali women have a special value towards sarees. At one time Nilambari sari or Dhakai sari was worth mentioning. Many people think that the place is now occupied by Katan saree and silk sari along with Tangail weaver’s sari. Tangail weavers’ sarees have a variety of designs and eye-catching craftsmanship.

Now you can choose sari in a more easy range by looking at the design of Jamdani sari from Daraj. And whether it is Jamdani sari or Dhakai sari or muslin sari, you can buy sari of any design online from Daraj Bangladesh at the best price without any hassle. And the price of an affordable Georgette saree 2022 can now be enjoyed only at the door. So get Georgette Sari Loop online at a huge discount.

Recognize the former sari of different states of India

Whatever you say, no matter how much we pay attention to salwar-kurta nowadays, sari is the traditional Indian dress that makes the mind feel better when worn! Honestly, can you think of shopping for puja without a saree? Or if you wear anything other than sari in the morning of Saraswati Puja, will you agree at all? And in the theory of marriage, no matter how much you decorate the bride with salwar-kameez, the sari becomes the main dress! Say it for the bride or as a prostitute. We, the Bengalis were, are and will be in love with the saree!

No one seems to be doing so many experiments with sari without us! And we love to buy sari from different provinces of India. So in our cupboard, besides Dhakai, there are Bomkai, Paithani and Benarsi holding hands, there are Kanjivaram, Chanderi, Bandhani and many more.

But many of us do not know exactly which of these saris belongs to which province and what are their specialties. As a result, when we go to buy Pochampalli, we buy Ikkat, we don’t understand the difference between Lahariya and Bandhani! So in this report we will discuss the sari of some states of India and its specialties, so that we do not cheat in the future!

1. Dhaka

Wondering why we started with this? In fact, there are basically two classes in Dhaka. One, which is made in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The other is made in West Bengal, which is called Tangail Dhaka. So, from now on, when you go to buy dhakai, don’t forget to ask in what style it is woven!

02. Banarasi

This sari from Benares will be in the cupboard of every Bengali. Heavy yarn work on silk lands is a feature of Benares. Just as there are different types of this work, there are different types of land being used nowadays. So in the market you will find Benaresi of different types of land like Georgette, Chiffon, Satin, Tassar etc. nowadays. However, Benaresi is the real land of silk. So if you want to buy, buy that.

03. Bomb Kai

This sari from Orissa is also very popular among Bengalis. There are two versions, silk and cotton. The design of the temple on the fringe, the small flowers all over the sari and the work of the dense texture on the hem, these are the features of this sari. However, nowadays many modern design bombs are also available in the market. However, keep in mind that Bomkai and Ikat, although sari of the same state, have a completely different structure. There is no work on the land in Ikk. This is the best way to separate two saris.

04. Pochampalli

This is the sari of Telangana. This sari is characterized by glittering colors and solid lace work on the edges. Along with that there will be geometric pattern design in the whole sari land. Those who like the color matter, choose this sari.

05. Kanjivaram Saree Design

For those who like the color, but also like the work of the deposit, the best option is Kanjivaram. Now there is a little disagreement as to whether the name of the sari is Kanjivaram or Kanchipuram. But whatever the name, it is the most gorgeous sari after Benares. That is why many Bengali brides nowadays choose Kanjivaram sari for their wedding attire.

06. Cassava

The real name of what we call Kerala Cotton in Goda Bangla is Kasavu. After this sari, the bride in Kerala sits on the pedestal! Zari fringe with white sari, this is cassavu sari. Silk and cotton, two varieties are available. However, there is no cassava color other than white! That’s what we make!

07. Chanderi

For those who like light, elegant outfits, this sari is ideal! Silk, cotton and lace are taken together while weaving this sari from Madhya Pradesh. But this sari is so delicate that if you wear it, you will not feel that you are wearing a sari!

08. Bandhani

Sari is the most common and most preferred garment for women. You can now buy sari online from saree design in India now. Women are the most beautiful animals of God. They look more beautiful when they wear traditional Bengali saree with ornaments. And the fact is that women also love to wear sari. It has been a tradition for a long time.

On almost every occasion we see women wearing sari at parties, social activities, religious festivals, Pahela Baishakh etc. You will see a great collection of sari in Delhi today. So, be sure to check them out.

09. Ripple

This sari is made in the neighboring Rajasthan of Gujarat. This sari uses a tie and dye method, but it is diagonal. This light colored sari of light land is also comfortable; again it is also quite stylish.

10. Paithani

Sari of Maharashtra. If there is anything that can be said about Pakapaki Traditional, Paithani is like that. Gorgeous work and even more gorgeous colors, big peacocks in the area, this is the former Paithani sari. However, the paithanis found in Calcutta are not traditional paithanis at all. Its color is light and the work is different!

Ways to recognize the original Jamdani saree

Before buying a Jamdani sari, three things need to be considered – the price of the sari, the quality of the yarn and the fineness of the work.

The original Jamdani sari is very difficult and time consuming to make as weavers weave it by hand. So their price is also higher than other sarees.

If two artisans work 12 to 14 hours a day to make a Jamdani sari, then depending on the design, it may take seven days to six months to make the whole sari.

Usually when making a sari, the price of a jamdani can range from Rs 3,000 to Rs 120,000 or more, depending on the quality of the yarn and the fineness of the work.

But machine-woven sarees do not require much time or effort. Therefore, the price is much lower.

Since Jamdani sari is hand woven, the design of the sari is very delicate and perfect. The designs are smooth.

The artisan weaves each yarn by hand. No part of the yarn comes out. For this reason, it is very difficult to differentiate between the front part of the Jamdani sari and the inner part.

The machine-woven sari is simply embroidered with an exact design imitating Jamdani. The threads on the opposite backs of these saris are cut out.

Another way to identify Jamdani sari is to check its yarn and smoothness. Cotton and silk yarn are used in weaving Jamdani sari.

There are three common types of jamdani in terms of the use of yarn.

1. Flower Cotton Jamdani – which is made with cotton yarn.

2. Half-silk jamdani – where the horizontal yarns are silk and the longitudinal yarns are cotton.

2.  Flower-Silk Jamdani – where the yarn on both ends is made of silk.

It is important to be sure about this yarn before buying sari, as imitation Jamdani sari uses synthetic yarn like polyester or nylon instead of silk.

To check the quality of the yarn, you have to look carefully at the yarn that comes out at the end of the sari.

Nylon yarn is smoother, and jamdani’s silk yarn will be relatively uneven because of the starch. Ordinary pure silk yarn is torn when pulled, and when it is burned, it smells like hair.

If the yarns are twisted after twisting the yarns at the ends of the area with the fingers, it is made of silk yarn, and if the yarns are equal in any case, it is nylon.

The count also refers to the value of the yarn. The higher the yarn count, the thinner the yarn. And the thinner the yarn, the finer the work will be – which is the main feature of a good quality jamdani sari.

The threads of Jamdani sari are usually of 32-250 counts.

The quality of jamdani largely depends on the fineness of the work. And how delicate the sari will be depends on the skill of this yarn and weaver.

Usually, the finer the saree, the higher the price. The thinner the yarn, the longer it takes to weave a sari – so the price goes down.

On the other hand, the yarn of machine woven sari is 24-40 counts.

However, the weaving of machine sari is very dense. It is no longer possible to weave as densely as a machine.

In the part of the Jamdani sari which is kept at the waist, there is no fringe woven up to five and a half hands. But the whole part of the machine woven sari has fringe all over.

Hand-knitted jamdani is light in weight and comfortable to wear.

However, the jamdani has to be very careful, otherwise it will not last long.

On the other hand, without any hand touch, imitating the design of jamdani, machine-woven sari is made of synthetic yarn, so these sari are heavy and rough.

However, these saris can be worn for years.

Features of Jamdani Saree Design:

The main feature of Jamdani is its geometric design. In this geometric design various designs including flowers, herbs, kalka are painted.

There are different types of jamdani designs. Among them Panna Hazar, Tercha, Pansi, Mayurpankhi, Batpata, Karla, Jal, Butidar, Jalpar, Dubli, Duria, Bihar, Katihar, Kalka Par etc. are more prevalent.

If the designs of small flowers or herbs in the jamdani are arranged obliquely, then it is called oblique jamdani.

Flowers, creepers, and weaving in all lands, such as weaving, are called weaving designs.

Flower-cut jamdani lined up all over the ground is known as fulwar. The duria jamdani is decorated with striped designs.

Similarly, if there is a design of Kalki on the bank, it will be Kalkapar.

Bengali girls prefer five types of wedding saree.

The culture of Bangladesh has changed a lot in the last few decades. In the midst of so many changes, a few things have remained the same as before. Wedding sari is one of them. Although the wind of change is blowing in many places, sari is still the first choice of Bengali girls for marriage. It is natural for anyone to like these wedding sarees decorated with colorful colors, gorgeous crafts and infinite beauty. So today we are organizing a wedding market blog with five types of wedding saris.

01. Banarasi Saree Design

Wedding sarees will be listed, and Benaresi will not have a place in it, this is almost impossible. Undoubtedly Benarasi is most famous as a wedding sari. The origin of this sari is in Benares, India, and the fame of Benares is world famous. Not only in Bangladesh, but also in India, Banarasi sari is the most adored wedding ceremony. There are rumors that in the past Benaresi sari was made of gold with silk. Although gold yarn is no longer used, Benaresi has not lost its appeal.

02. Kanjivaram Saree Design

A Kanjivaram sari for bright color and high quality silk is very ideal for wedding wear. The silk of Kanjivaram saree is specially prepared, so it is brighter than other sarees. Kanjivaram sari must have red thread. Besides, this type of sari also has lace handicrafts. Kanjivaram is a bit heavier than other sarees, but when will you wear heavy clothes if you don’t get married?

03. Jamdani Saree Design

The appeal of Jamdani as a wedding dress is a little different, because Jamdani is our desi sari. Very fine yarn is used to make Jamdani sari. Muslin cloth is a lost part of the subcontinent, but it is known that muslin weavers started weaving jamdani sari. Unlike muslin, the jamdani is quite light and comfortable.

Nowadays, brides are giving importance to this facility along with beauty in their wedding ceremony. Jamdani Hat sitting on the bank of Shitalakshya river in Demra. However, even though the market is located here, the location of the weavers extends beyond Tarabo and Rupganj to Narsingdi. As the prices are also quite cheap, every week there is an overflowing crowd of buyers.

04. Georgette Saree Design

Georgette is a little less glamorous than other sarees. But nowadays many brides prefer sari to look simple instead of gorgeous sari. Moreover, Georgette fabrics are also quite comfortable. So almost all brides choose Georgette sari for engagement or bride-to-be even if it is not the main wedding ceremony. The use of wedding georgette sarees is on the rise as the prices are also quite affordable.

05. Katan Saree Design

The biggest advantage of a katan saree is that you will find sari like reading any kind of wedding ceremony. There are many types of katan. Apart from Opera Katan, South Katan, Indian Katan, Silk Katan, Net Katan, Benarsi Katan, Gold Katan, etc., at least 20 more types of Katan can be found in the sari market.

All have their own unique features and designs. From cheap to expensive, you will get all kinds of katanai according to your budget. Apart from wedding ceremonies, Katan saree is ideal for all kinds of festivals and celebrations. However, cheap katan saree can be quite inferior. You should take a good look when buying for this.

Apart from these five types of sarees, different types of sarees like chiffon, silk, silk etc. are also seen to be worn in wedding ceremonies. Along with sarees, the trend of lehengas and gowns is also increasing day by day, but it can be said for sure that sarees will be the first choice of brides for many more days. So, what kind of sari do you like the most? Be sure to let us know in the comments section.

Best silk saree designs for girls

Maybe many of us are looking for new designs of silk sari from online. For those people, we have good pictures of this silk sari design. Those who are looking for photos or pictures of silk saree designs can get many kinds of pictures of silk saree designs from this post.

You see the pictures of silk sari design. Don’t leave this post. This can be very useful for you. You will love the silk sari design post. People always like this silk sari so we are giving the pictures in this post

People always want good things. They may or may not get a lot of money if they get bad things. So it is our job to discover what that is and to bring it about. It was a lot for us. Most of the pictures you see here are collected online.

Considering your words, we have published pictures of silk sari designs on our website. At present silk sari has gained popularity. The silk sari design is as attractive as it looks. From our collection you can download the image of your desired round shirt design.

Considering the growing demand in the market, we have come up with new and attractive designs of silk sari pictures. Anyway our topic today is to download new silk sari design pictures for girls.

Know the mistakes that should never be made while wearing sari

Traditional and casual wear for women of the Indian subcontinent including Sareebharat, Bangladesh. Sari is made of very long and seamless fabric. Usually a sari is made of cloth four to nine meters (about 12 hands or 16 feet) long. Sari is worn by folding in different ways. The most common fold is the one wrapped around the waist and hung over one shoulder, called the hem.

Sari is usually worn over a petticoat (also known as lehenga / ghagra in northern India and saya in eastern India including Bangladesh). Blouse (also known as choli in India) is used as the upper garment. In various occasions in India and Bangladesh, sari is generally considered as the most suitable dress for ceremonies. In the army, women soldiers wear sari and tie a shirt around their waist.

Mistakes that should never be made while wearing a sari! Take a look

All women in sarees become sexy and gorgeous. But it is very important to keep different things in mind before wearing a sari, otherwise your outfit will be dust. So keep the following points in mind while wearing sari

Wear the right shoes:

Never wear platform heels and wedges with sarees. Also, a very flat slipper does not look good with a sari. Try wearing high heels.

Avoid heavy jewelry:

Many of us wear sari and wear jewelry. As a result, you will not feel anything but a jewelry store. If the sari has heavy embroidery work, try to wear as little jewelry as you can.

Don’t experiment too much:

There are many ways to wear a sari, but the way you are used to wearing a sari. Wearing a sari in a different way before going home for a sudden experiment one day but not a good idea at all.

Understand the occasion and choose the right sari:

We make this mistake from time to time. Many sarees have some of our favorite sarees and we wear those sarees on any occasion. For example, it is better not to wear heavy work sari on any formal occasion. At the office party, the net through the sari of the net is absolutely ‘a strict no no’.

Do not put safety pins around:

Many people are not accustomed to wearing sari, so managing sari becomes a little difficult for them. Being helpless, many women try to manage the sari by putting safety pins all around. It is better not to do it – and if you put more than one pin, make sure that it is hidden in the gap of the sari. Do not pin the outside – it looks very eye-catching.

Wear the right blouse:

Don’t forget the sexy and tight blouse no matter how tempting it is. If you want to wear a strapless blouse with an open back, then make your figure that way. At the same time do not wear loose fitting blouses.

Choose the right petticoat:

Don’t wear crocheted shawls াবে this type of petticoat will make you look fat. Also wearing this type of shaya makes it very difficult to manage the sari. So wear plain and fitted petticoats.

Wedding sari shopping | Wife will be decorated in 7 different colors!

Southern sarees are valued in worship

First comes the sari. Pujo has a distinct tradition of sari. This time too, the vendors have arranged a stock of neat sarees in the shops and markets of the industrial area. A search of well-known saree shops revealed that the demand for ‘traditional’ sarees like weaving, kantha stitch, embroidery, dhakai, tasar, kanjivaram, gadowal has skyrocketed. Parmita Basu has just returned to Asansol after passing her medical examination. He said he has spent the last seven years studying in Dehradun. So there was nothing to say about Pujo’s outfit.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen anything but jeans, kurtis and salwars,” he said. This time, therefore, I will wear a sari for four days in Pujo. ” Notable among these are South-Cotton, Mysore Silk, Bangalore Silk, Kora Silk and Tussar of various colors.

In addition to sarees, there is a demand for long-slim kurtis, churidars, various colored patials. In addition, the knee-length frock and stripe top among the western outfits are also on the rise this time, said Bimal Mehariya, the head of one of the city’s textile shops. “Like other times, there is a good demand for western clothes as well as traditional clothes,” he said. However, the crowd is less for Corona. ”Tamsi Chattaraj has come to shop with his family. “Pujo fashion means something else,” she said. That’s why I like western style clothes. “

Men are not lagging behind in the world of fashion. Although men’s fashion means trousers, shirts or Punjabi. This time, check shirts of various designs are appreciated. The market for jeans in trousers is good this time too. Mohammad Sajid, a textile trader in the city, said that many people are choosing V-neck full sleeve T-shirts with Cargo.

In addition to the costumes, this time too there are traditional gold and silver ornaments in the puja. There is also imitation jewelry. Manideepa Sen, a vendor, said that during Pujo, everyone usually likes bold jewelry. With that in mind, there is a stock of stone necklaces or wooden and oyster jewelry. “It’s not going to work,” he said. Want worship, gorgeous jewelry. I want to catch everyone’s eye. “

A few days ago, Payal Dattagupta, an IT worker, was looking at jewelry in a shop in an industrial area. He said, “Now you can’t walk on the streets wearing gold and silver jewelry. But it is better to accept imitation jewelry of modern design as an ornament. ‘ From necklace to bangle, tikli, ring, kanpasha, jhumko all match within reach.

How much more fashion-parade in the mandapa-mandapa in the days of Pujo is waiting now. (Continued)

By Google Arts & Culture Radha (1890) by Ravi Varma Press. Original Source: From the Sandeep & Gitanjali Maini Foundation Malika Verma Kashyap explores the lesser-known side of the iconic garment The sari. This can be a cherished legacy passed down to generations or a functional garment that is worn daily. In streets and runway shows it is influencing fashion designers worldwide. Here are nine facts you may not have been able to find about saris. Jamdan: SRARIMARKETS IN SMURAGARHAGARH. (2017). Dastkar – HAYAT. Samitis.

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