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pulse oximeter it’s uses and benefits

Almost on the use of pulse oximeter nowadays we will discuss today how it will be used to get an accurate result get the oximeter vibration and temperature measuring instrument easily portable The oximeter can be used only if you have knowledge of letters. uses of a pulse oximeter are many more. pulse oximeter price in bd is more reasonable to afford

 Why this device is needed

This pulse oximeter can be a very useful machine for a patient with corona symptoms. It has a level of oxygen in the patient and he needs to be admitted to the hospital.

What is the level of normal oxygen in the body

About 95 to 100 percent of every pulse oximeter is considered normal, that is, if it is less than 95, it is called hypoxia in medical parlance. So oxygen is given through oxygen ventilation. In case of chronic lung disease, the oxygen level is somewhat normal. 

Oxygen always shows the right value. Normally all pulse oximeters give the same result.

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How to use the Pulse oximeter

 fastly remove the back cap and insert batteries position your finger in the device correctly pointing towards the LED light inside wait for half a minute there are two different there are two different readings shown

1 oxygen saturation of blood

 2 pulse rate

Ideal pulse oximeter reading

an oxygen saturation level of 95 -100% considered normal under 95 is considered low 


  • warm-up your finger before placing in the device
  • position the proverb correctly
  •  make sure you are sitting still remove any nail polish finger tattoos in hand
  • The factor that affects the accuracy of A pass of the meter reading one in positioning the pulse oximeter nail polish or pigment on finger bright light on the pro-patient moving for perfusion carbon monoxide poisoning skin pigmentation skin thickness and tobacco poisoning. uses of a pulse oximeter are very important to know

Inaccurate positioning of pulse of the meter proof should not be two type which would construct the circulation probe should not be too low as the passage of the tales of all eight other light in

Most commonly asked question is which finger is best for pulse oximeter

Every right middle finger is more accurate for pulse oximeter

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