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oxygen cylinder- definition uses and benefit

 What is an Oxygen cylinder?

 Oxygen cylinders are special containers for storing oxygen. Inside which oxygen is kept at high pressure. It is possible to store a large amount of oxygen to keep oxygen at high pressure. 1 liter of oxygen cylinder is enough for a disease. Can hold oxygen for up to22 ml oxygen .OXYGEN CYLINDER HOME DELIVERY in Bangladesh is so much available. prices are mostly affordable to buy. oxygen cylinder uses and benefits incredibly.

How to use oxygen cylinder

Many times our body’s normal oxygen level decreases due to various health issues. That’s when it is necessary to use oxygen cylinders to provide extra weight

Who needs an oxygen cylinder?

For those who suffer from shortness of breath, those who suffer from asthma, those who suffer from heart problems, those who suffer from lung problems, oxygen cylinders are needed to make daily work easier for pregnant women to relieve fatigue, and oxygen cylinders are essential for many people in their sixties. Oxygen cylinders are needed when you need to use them

Never use an oxygen cylinder without a doctor’s advice. You need to take some precautions when using an oxygen cylinder, such as always keep the cylinder away from fire or flammable substances and even keep the cylinder away from sunlight. Cooking in a gas stove. And don’t use oxygen cylinders when cooking in a gas-fired room. Don’t use oxygen cylinders in a room where you smoke. Don’t use oxygen or catch oxygen with oily hands. Cylinder available

When the oxygen cylinder runs out of gas, it must be refilled as soon as possible to ensure an uninterrupted supply of oxygen.

How to recognize the original oxygen cylinder

First, you need to make sure that the bottle of the oxygen cylinder has the name of any gas other than oxygen written on it, but you will understand that the original oxygen cylinder has an ISO number on the oxygen cylinder.

The rate and expiry date of the oxygen cylinder should be checked

 Rules of use of an oxygen cylinder

An oxygen cylinder contains

  •  a nasal cannula
  • humidifier
  • Oxygen mask
  •  oxygen flow meter

First, the oxygen flowmeter has to be adjusted on the head of the oxygen cylinder and it has to be rotated towards it. Now the humidifier has to be installed.

The bottle should be filled with pure water very nicely until watermarked. The oxygen flowmeter must be connected to the humidifier together with the oxygen flow meter. Before opening the first key between the first and second keys, make sure that the second key is attached. Here the cut will determine the level of oxygen. This time I will determine the level of oxygen according to the instructions of the doctor through the second husband. 

Here you can give 5 to 15 liters of oxygen level. To open the oxygen flowmeter you have to keep one word in your head. You have to turn the first key to the right to stop all the flow of oxygen. I will take off the oxygen flowmeter from the cylinder

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