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Nurses services in Bangladesh

Nurse Service At Home is called a nursing service agency . nurse bear a lot of duty, including caring for patient, Newborn baby, Besides these communicating with doctor to inform them about the health status of patients. They administrate medicine,  vital major problem in body. They play a vital role in medical facilities and do a large number of responsibility.

An agency nurse receives a short assignment to the patient’s house but in case of a critical situation it permanent appointment for a patient. This role must read a high level of knowledge collaboration. since agency nurse usually work closely with doctors and other caregiver

1. Move to the patient house:

The difference between agency nurse and other nurse is their   lack of a fixed location. Agency nurses take a schedule from an agency and move to the patient house to support patient well being .many agency nurses follow a fixed schedule in travelling .But as an agency nurse they are fixed one for one patient that ensures the welfare of your patient. there is no worry about their feeding medication and others.

2. Administration and medication:

Nurse supports patient health outfit by giving direct care to patient specially who are unable. besides administration and medication, they are ready to face any kind of problem that may arise in case of disease . They are well trained and qualified enough to give them specific treatment maintain routine care they easily collaborate with doctor in case of any difficulty  .

3. Maintain patient previous and present report:

our nurses are fully determined in their duties they are conscious about time and duty so they keep the record of patient for further use and application. As we know previous history is so much important in disease diagnosis.

4. Physiotherapy home care:

Nurses provide the physical therapist with copies of the patient report situation and diagnosis. Then the nurses are ready to give you the therapies care according to your prescription like:

-Massage your muscle the coast the blood circulation and make you healthy

-Muscle relaxation

-Special care to paralysis patient

As a physiotherapist helper you can keep our agency nurses.

5. Care for a newborn baby:

most of the time our mothers are unable to care for children because of sickness and post-cesarean case. so that in this case a nurse can ensure you the best and from feeding to bathing all of the work will be done by our nurses.Baby health condition checkup muscle combination bone consistency all of those will be checked by our agency nurses.

Nursing agency:

Nurses are a lifesaver. More than 50 thousand registered nurses in Bangladesh when doctors are specialized in the area then nurses coordinate the case for checking the patient’s overall health.

for example, one patient may have a kidney problem may have a nephrologist then the doctor prescribes him medicine overdiagnosis. after that a nurse may be a care provider responds to the patient full take care, ensuring that the prescribed medicine don’t negatively interact with other ones.

 As a developing country agency service get expanded in Bangladesh though it exposed many years ago. overall for better care nursing agencies play a vital role to you and your family.

Day-night nursing home care:

nursing service is a  service which has no particular limited time to treat .our nurses are always ready to serve their duty in all day and night.

Our agency nurses both male and female are ready to  go at our doorstep for 24hrs. They are trained enough and know the initial treatment of disease. So for your patient, there is no alternative to keep our agency nurse.

Our 24hrs nurses provide you-

-continue care

-care in own  home

-provide hospital if need

-community nursing

– end of life support

Care in your home:

Our nursing agency staff are selected and placed according to their demand of client based on skill and experience . they assist your patient with their care such as :






Our agency nurse are so smooth in their behavior and they support them in non physical care such as  emotionally ,promotion  independently.

A nurse salary:

Its vary from agency to agency  based on nurses qualification .but we ensure you the reasonable salary  that give you comfort to easily bear. we believe in your happiness by giving you genuine work.

so, don’t worry about salary we will be flexible to you if you chose us .feel free to hire our nurses and ensure a quality full work provider.

 so many packages for you can pick one of them regarding to your comfort zone.

-yearly service

-half-yearly service

-monthly service

-15 days service

-7 days service

-3days service

-1-day service

 All of our packages will start in the morning 6 .00amand end at next to the package.By working with you,our nurse’s staff can help you to take decisions in case of any health difficulty.

A package is so good that’s full  assessment will be carried out to ensure that nothing is skipped and it meets your specific necessaries.

N.B: the yearly package is also available for dialysis paralysis diabetic patient .In this case we offer you the best as comfort price

Our pathway to care: trained staff provides unobtrusive care with privacy dignity .our staff venerate cultural diversity and meet the clients and their families with to be treated with courtesy and sensitively .our each  package are fully comfortable and can be adapted at any time.

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