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Nebulizer Machine in BD

Nebulizer machine in BD or nebulizer machine, no matter what you say, it has been used as an important tool in medicine in our country. It is a cure for asthma. So now we know what a nebulizer machine is and its usage rules.

What is a nebulizer?

Many of us know that nebulizers are not a medicine. It is a machine for applying medicine. The nebulizer is used to administer fluids directly to the lungs to relieve respiratory problems. This helps to evaporate the liquid medicine and send it to the lungs. The medicine used in the nebulizer may be an antibiotic or for your child’s pneumonia. The process of giving treatment through nebulizer is called nebulization.

How does the nebulizer machine work?

The nebulizer machine is divided into three parts.

1.Air pump machine parts

2.Cups of liquid medicine

3.Face mask

First, the necessary medication or a saline solution is placed in the nebulizer cup. The nebulizer then evaporates the liquid. As a result, there is a mixture of air and liquid medicine particles. There the mixture is made by oxygen, ultrasonic, and air compressors. Once this mixture is made, it comes out through the nebulization mask.

Who needs a nebulizer?

Physicians usually tell people with the following diseases to take nebulizers.


2.chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

3.cystic fibrosis


How to use a nebulizer?

Before a person starts taking medication with a nebulizer, consult an experienced doctor or nurse. And he will explain how the nebulizer works, and he will know the answer to any question. Not every nebulizer machine works the same way, some machines work differently. 

So the specific machine that the doctor prescribes should be accepted. And the manual attached to the machine should also be read carefully. It is very easy to use a nebulizer with just a few basic steps.

Here are instructions on how to use a nebulizer machine:

  1. Wash your hands first.
  2. Check to make sure all the pieces are clean.
  3. Wash your hands before preparing the medication.
  4. If it needs to be mixed, measure the exact amount and then place it in the container.
  5. To the tube you attach the condenser and the liquid container.
  6. Attach the mouthpiece or mask.
  7. Turn on the switch and check the nebulizer.
  8. Place the mask securely over your nose and face, leaving no gaps.
  9. Breathe slowly until the medicine is finished. This may take five to 15 minutes.
  10. Keep the liquid container upright throughout the treatment.

Types of nebulizers

There are different types of nebulizers. Among them the following three nebulizers are well known.

1. Jet 

2. Ultrasonic 

3. Vibrating net

1. Jet Nebulizer:

One of the oldest types of jet nebulizer. They use compressed air to create fine fog. They are available in tabletop and handheld models. There are no COPD restrictions for jet nebulizers.

2. Ultrasonic Nebulizer:

Ultrasonic nebulizers are newer and much quieter than jet nebulizers. These are only available as handheld devices. They use ultrasonic vibrations to create fine fog. Ultrasonics also cannot provide specific COPD drugs. This is because the device transfers heat from ultrasonic vibrations to the drug.

3. Vibrating mesh nebulizer:

Vibrating mesh or vibrating mesh nebulizers are new and expensive types of nebulizers. They are quiet and much more portable than others. Other types of nebulizers can be cleaned by boiling. All nebulizers need to be washed and dried after use. Very important machine

How about a nebulizer for kids?

Nebulization can be used in case of difficulty breathing due to cold or cough. However, children should not use nebulizers for all kinds of problems. And the medicine used in the nebulizer should not be given without the advice of a doctor. Another issue is that you can use clean water in the nebulizer for minor cold-cough problems caused by season change.

How much does a nebulizer machine in BD cost?

Nebulizer machines of different brands are available in the market. Such as commonly available cpap machines, oxygen cylinders etc. Among the various brands of nebulizer machines available in the market are Philips, Omron, Rose Max, Mesh etc. However, a good nebulizer machine costs a minimum of Rs 2,000,000,000. You can find out the price of a nebulizer machine in the same way you can search for the price of an oxygen cylinder, pap machine by typing it in Google. For example, if you buy a cpap machine, then you must type in Google and search that cpap machine price in Bangladesh. In the same way, if you want to buy this nebulizer machine, you have to type in Google and search that nebulizer machine price in BD (Bangladesh).

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