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Importance of water in our life

Water is another name for life – we all know that. But do we all know these things? importance of water we should have to know.

Of all the foods we eat throughout the day, water is the only one free of calories, fats, sugars, and sugars. Although water has no nutrients, it is vital for life. the importance of water is beyond explanation.

A little detailed explanation of the body’s need for water will make it clear to everyone-

We have 

  • 63 percent of our blood,
  •  22 percent of our bones,
  •  74 percent of our brains,
  •  and 75 percent of our muscles,
  •  meaning that two-thirds of our body is water.

Water is also needed for the proper functioning of the internal organs of the body.

If we do not drink enough water then the body gets tired quickly.

Lack of water disrupts the supply of nutrients to our body and controls the temperature as it dries up if we do not water the roots of the trees. Every function of the body needs the help of water. It is possible to stay for a week without food, but it is not possible to stay for so long without water. This means that there must be plenty of water on the food list to keep the body active and achieve physical fitness.

Lack of drinking water can lead to many problems, such as 

  • Dehydration
  •  Constipation
  • , kidney problems,
  •  accumulation of toxins in the body, etc.

Drinking water in a state of thirst quenches thirst as well as dehydration of the body. As a result, physical fatigue is eliminated and energy is restored.

Water provides oxygen and other nutrients to the blood and cells. 

  • Drinking water also increases blood supply and circulation throughout the body. Water also regulates body temperature. Lack of water can increase body temperature. Water increases digestion power, keeps the digestion process right. Our body needs plenty of water to properly digest food. So in addition to fiber foods, drink plenty of water.

Water reduces constipation. 

  • If you do not drink water properly, the body absorbs all the water, the colon becomes dry, so the body does not excrete waste products properly. Water protects against kidney stones because water breaks down the salt and minerals in the urine, so there are no kidney stones. 75% of the brain is water. Drinking water after a while so you can stay free from stress and increase physical strength. Water increases blood circulation, so lowers high blood pressure.

At a time when the use of well-known and expensive cosmetic products in skin care is on the rise worldwide, British scientists have come up with unique information about water to keep the skin beautiful. Studies have shown that if the amount of water in the skin is normal, the skin stays good and helps to reduce skin folds.

After oxygen, water is the second element for sustaining our life.

On the other hand, 25 percent of oxygen comes from water. Dehydration is one of the many causes of headaches. In this case, drink two glasses of water and rest for twenty minutes and you will see that the headache has stopped.

We lose water from the body in different ways every day, (such as urine, sweat, breathing, etc.). Two to four cups of water are expelled from our lungs daily with our breath, while six more cups of water are lost from the body when we go to the bathroom six times a day.

How much water to drink each day depends on the height of the body and the amount of work. Generally, nutritionists say to drink at least 8 glasses of drink daily. This means drinking at least 8 glasses of water daily with all kinds of drinks and water.

In the metric system, if the body weight in kg is divided by thirty, you have to drink water according to the amount of quotient. In other words,

 if you weigh 60 kg (60/30 = 2.3) you have to drink 2.3 liters of water, that is, it is recommended to drink more than eight glasses of water per day.

Never drink too much water at once.

Everyone should drink a little water during a heavy workout or exercise. An organization called The International Marathon Medical Directors Association is working hard to raise awareness. In addition to raising awareness among everyone, they are advising the players, in particular, to quench their thirst as much as water, nevermore! If it is more, the other name of water is not only life, it will also be death. the importance of water is beyond explanation.

Every year since 1993, March 22 has been observed as World Water Day. The day was set in accordance with a resolution adopted by the 47th UN General Assembly. World Water Day warns ‘People around the world, save water, use it wisely and protect water resources. ’

There is a great shortage of water all over the world. This situation is very serious in 26 countries. After 30 years, the number of people affected by water shortage will be two to three hundred crore.

Solving the water problem is very important for the survival of mankind. Most of the countries in the world have already become active and are taking active measures to conserve water resources and prevent pollution. the importance of water is beyond explanation.

World Water Day is celebrated in different countries of the world. 2013 is the year of International Water Cooperation. This year has been officially inaugurated in Although women and children around the world spend an average of 200 million hours a day searching for water, only one in six can drink pure water. The use of contaminated water on it has also become a huge threat to the health of mankind.

Every year, about 3.1 million people around the world die from various diseases as a result of drinking contaminated water Sadly, about 90 percent of them are children under the age of five. One child dies of waterborne disease every 15 seconds in the world.

Not only that, but abnormal population growth and climate change are going to create a dire situation in the future, which will make the water crisis worse

“Hot water”

Water is another name for life. We all know the need and importance of water for good health. According to doctors, it is very important to drink enough water every day for a healthy body. Water is a very beneficial ingredient for our body to maintain body moisture, keep the body active, keep skin and hair healthy, take care of kidneys, control cholesterol levels etc.

We usually drink normal water or cold water. However, many of us may not know how much drinking water is good for our body. You can get incredible results if you drink warm water instead of cold water.

Researchers say that drinking 1-2 glasses of hot water throughout the day can bring some special benefits to our health. Warm water helps to improve digestion and blood circulation, reduce weight and improve immunity. Therefore, to manage the normal functioning of the body properly, drink 1-2 glasses of hot water every day.

Then learn about the health benefits of drinking hot water, as well as when and how to drink.

Health benefits


Hot water detoxifies the body by removing all harmful toxins from the body. Hot water helps the body eliminate toxins through sweat and urine, which helps to keep the body healthy.

Increases digestion power

Hot water increases digestive energy. As it passes through the stomach and intestines, it better hydrates the digestive organs, allowing waste products to be excreted from the body and increasing digestion. Drink a glass of warm water before going to bed at night.

 Relieves constipation

This is a common problem for many people. To get rid of this problem, drink a glass of hot water on an empty stomach before going to bed at night and waking up in the morning. It helps to remove waste products by compressing the intestines as it passes through the intestines.

To relieve body pain

Drinking hot water improves blood circulation so it helps to keep every nerve in the body active, which relieves various pains in the body. Headache, joint pain, comfortable hot water for menstrual cramps in women.

Hot water helps to keep the blood vessels of the body active to maintain proper blood circulation. As a result, every nerve is active, which helps to keep the body healthy.

Releases irregular periods and pain

One of the great benefits of drinking hot water for women is that it helps to correct irregular menstruation and relieve menstrual pain. Many times if the blood clots and it cannot come out, there is pain. Drinking hot water during this time breaks down the clotting barrier and the blood flow is correct, which relieves the pain. the importance of water is beyond explanation.

Helps to lose weight

Hot water helps the body shed excess fat and reduces hunger. As a result, ‘calorie intake’ is reduced, which helps in rapid weight loss. So drink a glass of hot water mixed with lemon or honey on an empty stomach every morning.


  • Drink warm water to reduce stress.
  • Drink hot water to get rid of cold, runny nose, etc.
  • Hot water helps to keep the skin moist and relieves acne problems.
  • Drink hot water daily to retain the youth of the skin and prevent the impression of aging.
  • Hot water keeps the scalp hydrated and away from dandruff.

How and when to eat?

Drink a glass of hot water every night after eating and before going to bed. Get up in the morning and drink a glass of hot water on an empty stomach. In the morning you can mix honey or lemon with this hot water. Do not drink hot water at excessive temperatures. Drink water at a temperature of 60 degrees or less. In the general sense, drink lukewarm water. Otherwise, there is a risk of burning the tongue. the importance of water is beyond explanation.

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