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How can you loss heavyweight effectively?

Each subject requires some patience. You can’t lose ten kilograms of weight in one day or get ten years of diabetes under control in one day. For this, you need to be patient, practice, and follow the following points. To loss of heavyweight effectively maintain just some rules.

 And that is tolerance. The initial rebuke or reluctance will come from your family, kin, friends, or people in the society and it is tolerance to accept it with a smile. Many people will say a lot of things, it is wise to avoid them, but when you are successful, you will be an idol to them. Everyone will then line up for advice from you.

  Cannot eat at all for now:

 1) Everything made of rice (rice, rice bread, rice products).

 2) Everything made from wheat (bread, bread, biscuits of any kind, other medicines made from wheat).

 3) No type of pulses can be eaten.

 4) Potatoes, sweet potatoes, tree potatoes, or other potato-like potatoes, which are sugary vegetables such as radish.

 5) Also, sugar and sugar products that are in the world can not be eaten.

 6) Yogurt, sour yogurt, milk, and direct milk made with milk.

 7) Honey and sweet fruits should not be eaten. I will explain later why it cannot be eaten.

 8) Soybean oil, sunflower oil, rice bran oil, canola oil, and anything cooked in ordinary oil should not be eaten.

 9) Farm chickens, which are fed food produced from tannery waste, are fed soy.

 10) Beef, which is fattened by injection of cows or bulls. The same goes for mutton.

  What’s not to eat:

 1) Greens, vegetables 7 (Carrots, young green sweet pumpkin in small quantities).

 2) Sour national fruit. For example, olive, mango, and young coconut water.

 3) Fish, you can eat any type 6 However, among the oily native fish, Pankash, Boal, Hilsa Sarpunti, Brigade, Grass carp, Baim fish are better. Better if it is oily or sea fish.

 4) Beef and mutton can be eaten but it should be injection-free and reared by eating grass, leaves, or straw. However, do not eat too much.

 5) Cows or goat legs can be eaten. Which is very beneficial to eat at this time It should also be eaten in small quantities.

 6) You can eat chicken eggs There is no problem if it is a farm, but it is better if it is omega 3 or domestic chicken or chicken.

 7) Try to eat fish eggs as much as possible.

 8) Ghee, Organic Butter, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, MCT Oil, Organic Extra virgin cold-pressed Coconut Oil. These are all available in good shops, but it is better to make them yourself.

 9) Any type of nuts. Peanuts, almonds, pesto nuts, other nuts that are 6 If you want, you can make peanut butter with blended nuts and coconut oil mentioned above Which is incomparable to eat However, eat a small amount.

 10) You can eat tea or coffee without milk and sugar. You can mix lemon, ginger, and a little salt with green tea. Coffee can be made into butter coffee by mixing MCT oil, butter or ghee, and organic coconut oil. It will work well.

 How to start a diet–


loss of heavyweight effectively

 1) Those who have a habit of eating in the morning can have a cup of tea without milk and sugar around eight or eight and a half. Whatever you add in the tea, ginger, lemon, a little salt.

 2) You can eat apple cider vinegar or coconut vinegar with lukewarm water.

 3) And you can eat lemon chips with lukewarm water.

 If you have breakfast at eight in the morning, you should have lunch at half-past one. Besides, those who have a habit of eating breakfast late will have breakfast in the above manner at eleven o’clock and will eat lunch at half-past three.


loss of heavyweight effectively

 1) Before lunch, you must mix one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with a glass of water. This will not be a problem with your gas and will help to cut fat.

 2) On the lunch menu you can put vegetables, fish or meat, fried eggs in ghee, butter with fried nuts in ghee and of course you can put cucumber or cucumber salad with tomatoes, carrots.

 3) Vegetables, vegetables must be cooked with extra virgin olive oil. Fry the fish (refrain from deep frying as it spoils the food quality) or cook with this oil. Boil the vegetables as little as possible. As if the quality of vegetables is right.

 4) Fry the egg yolk with ghee or butter. There is no problem in being able to eat a maximum of six eggs with yolk in one day. Because eggs are a source of protein and good fats, but once the fat is adapted, you can’t eat as much as you want.

 5) You can eat local chicken, one or two pieces, or the mentioned beef. Do not eat meat while eating fish. Do not eat fish while eating meat. However, expatriates can eat farm chickens in one piece Because there the farm chickens are fed the ideal food (although the chickens do not exercise as the native chickens do).

 6) Dumba, camel, sheep meat is not more than one piece.

 Breakfast in the afternoon:

loss of heavyweight effectively

 If you feel hungry in the afternoon, eat the tea, butter, coffee, and nuts mentioned above, fried or mixed with any type of butter or ghee.


loss of heavyweight effectively

 1) Drink a glass of water mixed with vinegar before dinner.

 2) Eat dinner similar to lunch. There is no problem whether the item is more or less one.

 3) Finish all meals before eight o’clock at night. Then do not eat anything except water


  Things to follow:loss of heavyweight effectively

 1) You have to go to sleep by ten o’clock at night or at most eleven o’clock Because between ten and two o’clock in the night, our body secretes growth hormones And these growth hormones help a lot in fat burning. If you ignore this natural thing, your diet will remain incomplete and you will fail to get good results.

 2) You will wake up very early in the morning After praying (Muslims) go out for a walk. Walking on an empty stomach is very effective for burning fat. Walking speed will depend on your age. If the age is above forty, walk at normal speed for 40/60 minutes. If you are under 40 years of age, do jogging or walk hard for 40/60 minutes. However, make sure that you do not get short of breath or shortness of breath while walking. Adapt to the body as much as you walk or exercise.

 3) You can do yoga to reduce fat quickly Check out how to do yoga on YouTube.

 4) Follow the rules in the above-written method for seven to eight days. During this time your body will learn to burn fat This is the first step of your diet.

 5) Now start fasting in the second step. In Sehri, start fasting by drinking only water. Refrain from drinking water and eat everything during the day like normal fasting.

 6) Iftar with nuts, butter, and cucumber 6 You can keep other salads or pickled fruits with you.

 7) Drink water mixed with vinegar and eat dinner as mentioned above and must finish all meals before eight. To get better results, finish the meal within one hour of Iftar and then continue to drink water


 6) When you start fasting, you may feel dizzy while standing. In that case, drink water mixed with a little salt every day. You can also drink coconut water. It is very important to eat young dab every day.

 9) You will be able to get results as fast as you can fast (continuous). However, after 7 days, he will break his fast for two days. Eat twice a day for two hours at intervals of 4 hours. The food menu is the same as before. The rest of the time will do water fasting That means eat water mixed with vinegar, lemon, green tea, salt.

10) If you can not fast one day, then fast at least twice a week And those who have trouble fasting for the whole day will prolong the fast by following the above menus That mean you will do partial fasting Eat twice at an interval of four hours The food menu is the same as before Do water fasting for the remaining twenty hours That means eat water mixed with vinegar, lemon, green tea, and salt Walk and exercise regularly with him. Hopefully within one and a half, two months you have reached your desired goal.

  Not to mention more:

loss of heavyweight effectively

  •   Try to stay as tension-free as possible.
  •   Smiling will be happy.
  •   Try to apply the gentle sun in the morning during or after walking every day Because vitamin D in the sun helps to keep our body healthy.
  •   Refrain from using all electronic devices within eight o’clock at night, it will improve your sleep quality.
  •   If you are a Muslim, pray regularly. Read more and more. In addition to fulfilling your duties, there will be some physical exercises Which are beneficial for your health. If you belong to another religion, worship according to the rituals of your own religion. And trust and rely on the Creator. Of course, you will succeed.
  •   Avoid all outside food.
  •   Instead of buying packaged spices for vegetables, break the whole spices in the machine yourself. Try to avoid all types of packaged goods.
  •  If you can’t use extra virgin olive oil instead of soybean oil in cooking, use mustard oil as a good for the time being. If you can’t buy that packaged product, make it yourself by processing it in the machine.

 [This chart is for those who are just starting on a diet to loss heavyweight effectively]

 All subject matter is a package program. You will get just as much fruit as you follow. it will be some physical exercise even after fulfilling your duty which is beneficial for your health

First, the lack of cooperation and inspiration from the people around. For example, when you go to a party or a wedding and play in moderation, many people jokingly say, ‘Oh, are you dieting!’ Or ‘One day, if you play a little, you will not get fat.

Second, the lack of willpower. Many cannot cope with the urge to eat because of a lack of willpower. The desire to eat by looking at pictures of different foods on social media like Facebook, Instagram, check-in after eating at new places, in this way many people cannot control the greed for food and make irregularities.

Home remedies for liver fat melting!

Lemonade: Make a habit of drinking lemonade every day. It contains a lot of vitamin-C, which helps to detoxify the liver.

Green Tea: Drink one cup of green tea every morning and afternoon. It helps to fix the liver function.

Apple Cider Vinegar: Mix a few drops of apple cider vinegar in a cup of hot water and drink it every day before meals. After playing it for a few months, you will see that all the fat that has accumulated in the liver has disappeared.

Adani: Mix one teaspoon of ginger powder in hot water and drink it twice a day. After drinking this drink for 15 days in a row, you will see that you are feeling much healthier. Because it almost stops the process of fat accumulation in the liver. As a result, the liver slowly begins to recover.

Amla juice: Amla contains vitamin-C which detoxifies the liver. So if a patient with the liver disease eats this juice, one spoonful every morning for 25 consecutive days, then he will recover quickly.

Are you eating healthy?

The type of healthy food also varies from person to person. For some, home meals are healthy, while for others, light meals are healthy. Alia Kram, a study writer, and Ph.D. candidate say that healthy food is the food that will make you comfortable, clean, and nutritious and will help you control your metabolism.

If you eat home-cooked food that is oily or over-salted, then it cannot be called healthy food at all. Again, if you eat light food, you will lose weight. Then you have to get out of that idea. If you want to eat soup, don’t forget to take a piece of bread with you. Not only can one type of food cause weight gain every day, but if you eat the same type of food for a long time, it will be difficult to digest it while eating other foods.

 Do you think too much about exercise?

As has been seen in many cases, rush to lose weight. They get tired of exercising too much at first. As the pace of exercise slows down, so does the desire to eat snacks. Some people are seen thinking all day — I will exercise in the morning, I will exercise in the afternoon. I will eat a little in the afternoon and exercise in the evening. Well, it’s already past seven, I’ll eat a little and exercise at night.

 Working sitting down?

If you have to sit all day, then you can also gain weight. Absolutely not having to move a large part of the day and work in the middle of radiation or laser, then in your case calorie calculation or light exercise will not be very useful. In that case, change the position after at least 30 minutes. Talk to your nutritionist.

 Sleep less? Or worrying too much?

At least seven to seven and a half hours of sleep daily is very important for healthy people.

“Keeping your eyes closed is not enough for your body,” said Michael Bruce, author of The Sleep Doctor’s Diet Plan. It is not enough to survive from sugar and fat. A study in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that those who slept less than four hours added 300 more calories and 21 grams of body fat the next day.

Intense work stress, unstable schedule, challenging job, family problems whatever the cause of your stress, it can be the main reason for your weight loss struggle. It causes your body to gain weight due to the stress hormone called cortisol. In fact, studies have shown that high levels of cholesterol and fat are added to high blood pressure.

What to do to keep inspired loss of heavyweight effectively

  •  Some small steps send your inspiration.
  • Put the most beautiful picture of yourself in front. So that you can increase your willpower by seeing it.
  • Family cooperation is very important. Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness.
  • You can eat extra food on different occasions, but you also have the responsibility to meet it. Eat more calories by exercising a little more with daily exercise without feeling guilty about eating extra food. Practice an extra 20 minutes of ‘Bridal Walk’ for every 100 calories.
  •  Many people do not eat at noon thinking of overeating at night. But he ate more than he needed because he was hungry at night. As a result, the damage is further reduced. If you have dinner at night, eat regularly at noon, in the afternoon and eat some food before going to dinner at night, this will help you to avoid high-calorie foods easily.
  • Nutritionists help hold your interest through short counseling. But if you don’t go to them regularly, the interest often ebbs. As a result, the weight increases again.
  • Many people stop eating on their own to lose weight. This may result in a slight loss of body weight but may result in permanent damage to other organs. The skin becomes dry, rough, and unsightly, ink falls under the eyes and wrinkles begin to appear on the skin. Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness. This requires a proper diet chart to talk to a nutritionist.

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