Best Smartphone Under 300 in 2022

Best SmartPhone under $300 in 2022

If you would like to know about a recently launched top four mobile phones with best features under 300; the article will help you to choose the best mobile phone Best smartphone under 300.

  • There are a lot of mobile phones in the market but the features of one phone are different from the other. So we are considering the most important features for mobile phones under 300, such as:
  • Best quality display
  • High Performing Chipset
  • High Megapixel Camera
  • Massive Battery
  • 5G Phone

We know that display is the most important part a mobile phone.The menufecturer are providing various types of display; HD+, FullHD+ IPS display or Amoled ,Super Amoled display and others but we are considering at least FullHD+ display for best image, video and gaming Quality.

Another major part of a mobile phone is chipset, low performing chipset raises heating issues to long term uses.So we need octa core prosessor and minimum Ram/Rom 4/64GB for best performance.

We also consider high megapixel front and back cameras, because recently mobile photography is popular for various purposes.

A big battery mobile phone needs for long run uses, we count at least
4000 mAh battery.

Best smartphone under 300 with High Quality

Display of a mobile phone is an external part. The best quality display is significant for mobile phones. Mobile phone user may feel bored if display performance is not good. So, we recommend Amoled display mobile phone that is

Samsung Galaxy A50 ,it has a massive display and low bezels. The display is bright ,clear and colorful with a 6.4-inch AMOLED display. It also provides a powerful chipset Exynos 9610 with 4GB of RAM. That will work well for opening apps, browsing and gaming.

The three camera sensors on the back(25MP/8MP/5MP) and one in front (25mp) will provide a feel of real photography. The cameras will do good capturing details and  colorful images and video recording. The mobile phone has 4000 mAh battery and better sound quality. 

we decide that Samsung will be the best choice mobile phone under 300 considering  display and others. Best smartphone under 300

Best smartphone under $300
Best SmartPhone under 300 in 2022

Key futures: AMOLED display, four camera sensor, fast charging charger, octa core processor.

Pros: Cons: 
AMOLED display, Gaming processorSound quality is poor for long use.
Best quality selfie camera,Fingerprint sensor

Q/ A section:

Is the Samsung Galaxy A50 the best choice under 300?

Yes; if your budget is not high, this may be the best choice for you under 300.

Best value mobile phone under 300(h2)

Considering all features( Display, processor, camera , battery and others ) Nokia 7.2 is the best value mobile phone under 300. Nokia 7.2 is a styles phone with 6.3 inches full hd+ IPS display and resolution 1080+2280 pixels 400 ppi density. The display is protected by cornel Gorilla glass 3+. The chipset is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 (14 nm) that is an octa core processor. 

The storage of Nokia 7.2 is 4/6 ram and 64/128 rom.Triple camera set up with main camera 48 mp and  8, 5 megapixel is another top features of Nokia 7.2. Fornt camera is 20 megapixel for clear images 



Key features: High resolution display, Snapdragon processor ,

48 megapixel main camera.

Glass body phone , 20 megapixel selfie cameraBattery size is not big but enough.
Video recording performance is good.

 Q/A section:

Is Nokia 7.2 the best gaming phone under $ 300?

No, if you’re searching for a gaming phone, you should choose an alternative one.

Best mobile phone with big battery under 300(h2)

If you are looking for a big battery mobile phone then Motorola Moto G Power may be a choice for better performance.The phone provides 5000 mah massive battery and aluminum frame .


Key features: Full hd+ Display, gaming processor,Big battery, four camera sensor, octa core processor.

fingerprint sensor in side,
Sound quality is very good,Sometimes the photo is not clear.

Q/A section:

Is Motorola Moto G power best for photography?

No, if your main priority is photography, the phone is not for you.

Best quality camera phone under 300(h2)

Now, the camera quality of mobile phones is an important feature for all , because photography is a mind refreshing factor. We considering Xiaomi Redmi note 10 pro for better photography, in the phone 108 megapixel camera is main consideration for best photography with f 1.7 aperture, another three camera sensors may be added value for various photography. The phone has gaming chipset and massive battery.


key features: Amoled display, Octa core processor,8 megapixel ultra wide camera sensor,5020 mah big battery.

Full hd+ displayThe phone has no major cons.
Good quality video recording
Fast charging.

Q/A section:

Is the Xiaomi Redmi note 10 pro best for photography?

Yes, your main priority is photography, the phone is best for you.

From the above discussion , we can make a decision for choosing the best phone considering processor, display , camera  and battery. It may be the Xiaomi Redmi note 10 pro .

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