Causes of hair loss and ways to prevent it.

Today more or less everyone suffers from hair problems. Many people nowadays suffer from the problem of untimely hair loss and thick hair. And everyone does nothing to get rid of this problem. Here are some simple ways to get rid of this problem.

Causes of hair loss:

First of all, let’s find out the reasons for hair loss or hair loss at the wrong time.

  1. Androgenic hormones such as testosterone, androsterone, DHT hormones are usually more in men and less in women. These hormones work on the hair follicles and accelerate hair loss. That’s why men’s hair falls out more.
  2. If you suffer from anxiety or mental problems, you may lose more hair than usual. However, this hair loss is temporary and the hair grows again. But if you are mentally anxious for a long time and you can’t overcome the anxiety, a lot more hair can fall out.
  3. If there is no blood circulation in the hair follicles, if there is anemia, hair loss may start.
  4. Hereditary problems can cause your hair to fall out. Maybe none of your grandparents or uncles have baldness. But since your parents have baldness, you may also have baldness due to heredity.
  5. Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated during pregnancy. For example, many people have lost their hair due to typhoid fever.
  6. Dandruff and scalp disease can cause hair loss.
  7. Many times the side effects of the drug can also cause hair loss.

Let’s find out what you can do to grow and regrow your hair.

  • Onion
  • Tea black lequier
  • Hena 
  • Black cumin
  • Coconut oil 

The benefits of onions in hair care

Hair is important for personality. But no one wants to think about the beauty of hair even after spending time in skin care. As a result, the new dress looks beautiful, but there is a flaw somewhere.

So at this time you have to look at the hairstyle. But the question is how to enhance the beauty of hair? Let’s find out the answer to that question – many people may know that onions contain a lot of disinfectants. And this is exactly why onions can be a great help in solving all our hair problems. Suppose …

1. Improves scalp health:

Onion juice plays a special role in nourishing the hair follicles. That is why regular application of this natural ingredient on the scalp improves the health of the scalp. As a result, the incidence of various diseases is reduced.

2. The hair follicles become stiff: 

The sulfur present in onions helps in reducing the problem of split ends and thinning hair. It also reduces the rate of hair loss.

3. Prevents Infections:

The antiseptic ingredient in onions helps prevent any type of scalp infection.

And once the risk of infection is reduced, there is no need to worry about the health of the hair.

4. Hair is not white:

Hair color changes at an early age or not? Then start using onion juice from today. You will see the benefits. This is because the antioxidants present in onions play a special role in reducing premature aging.

5. Increases hair shine: 

It has been proven more than once that regular use of onion juice increases hair shine in less time.

6. Cancer Prevention:

Multiple studies have shown that onion juice plays a special role in preventing head and throat cancer. In fact, the antioxidants present in this vegetable play a special role in this case.

7.Fights against dandruff:

As onion is a disinfectant, it helps prevent dandruff. So for those who are trying to save themselves from dandruff by spending thousands of rupees on shampoo, this home remedy can come in handy.

8.Improves blood supply:

Several case studies have shown that regular massage of the scalp with onion juice increases the supply of oxygen-rich blood to the hair follicles. As a result, the hair grows naturally at a faster rate.

How to make onion juice at home? Peel an onion and grate it. Then cut it into 4 pieces. Now chop the onion pieces in the mixer. When the crushing  is done, strain the onion juice. In this case, care should be taken while applying the onion juice on the scalp so that the whole piece of onion does not get stuck in the hair.

How to use onion juice: Here are some things to keep in mind. E.g.-

1. Do not forget to apply onion juice well on the scalp.

2. Apply the juice on the scalp in a circular rhythm.

3. After waiting for at least an hour, take a bath. By the way, if you apply onion juice on your head for 15-30 days in a row, you will see how the hair type changes.

Three hair packs made with onions:

1. Hair packs made with onions and honey: 

Take one-third of a cup of onion juice. Then add one tablespoon of honey. Now apply the mixture well on the hair roots. Leave it for 30 minutes and wash it off.

2. Olive oil and onion juice

Mix 3 tablespoons onion juice with olive oil. Now take the mixture by hand and apply it on the scalp in a circular manner. Leave it for two hours and wash your hair with a less alkaline shampoo. Incidentally, this pair of packs match the weight to increase hair strength and reduce dandruff.

3. A mixture of onion and curry leaves:

Curry leaves help to keep the hair well in various ways. It increases hair strength, reduces premature aging and maintains health. That’s why putting onion and curry leaves together on the scalp is very beneficial. In this case, cut the curry leaves fresh.

Then add two tablespoons of onion juice to the curry leaves. The mixture was applied to the hair and scalp. Wait an hour and wash your hair with a less alkaline shampoo.

Before using onion juice, remember these:

1. After dividing the onion, you must sift it. There will be no possibility of onion stuck in the hair. Always try to use less alkaline shampoo. This will reduce hair loss.

 3. You can use garlic and apple cider vinegar mixed with onion juice. 

4. You can use a few drops of essential oil of your choice to remove the smell of onion from the hair.

5. Before using onion juice, check if there is a risk of allergy reaction

Tea thick black liqueur for hair care 

Tea liqueur is not comparable to hair growth. Because it is very good as a hair conditioner. Cool the tea liqueur in a pot and dip the hair in it for 10 minutes or after bathing, wash the hair gently with water with the liqueur, you can also shampoo. In this way, use tea liqueur on your hair for 2/3 days. You can also give it to the hair follicles …

Your hair will be beautiful and it will grow fast …

Tea liqueur is the black water that comes after boiling tea. What we call color tea.

Use this water. No need to give sugar or anything else.

To increase hair density, there is no pair of henna leaves to make hair bigger. Besides beautiful, healthy hair, henna is also very effective in keeping the head cool

Let’s take a look at some special uses of henna in hair care.

** Mix 1 cup of henna powder, 2 tablespoons (pure) coconut oil, 2/3 tablespoon sour yogurt and apply on hair for 1 hour. Then just wash your hair with water. The next day, wash your hair with shampoo. Use henna leaves on hair only twice a month. You will see that the hair has become very thick and black.

Mehedi acts as a conditioner for hair and prevents roughness of hair and split ends. Mix 1 cup henna leaf powder with 2/3 tablespoon olive oil and apply this mixture on the hair. After 1 hour, wash your hair with shampoo. Using it 1 day a week will completely stop hair roughness and split ends.

Mehedi works great hair color for white hair. Many people have problems with hair loss at an early age. If they use henna powder regularly, they will be able to remove the whiteness of the hair.

 If you like the post, you must share it and stay with us. Join the hair care tips and questions and answer group. Now make a paste using henna powder in the same amount in this water.

Apply this paste on the hair for 2 hours. After 2 hours, wash your hair normally.

White hair can be covered easily.Assalamu Alaikum DSB Basi. How are you? By the grace of Allah I am fine. Today I came to you with the benefits of hair care black cumin  oil. Hope you find it useful.

Black cumin oil in hair care

Many of us suffer from hair problems. Someone’s hair falls out, someone’s hair ripens prematurely, car and hair wrap, etc. Again, you will not be able to lengthen your own hair despite liking someone’s long hair. At this time we use a lot of things for hair but we don’t even think about natural things. Nature things are full of many qualities. Among them is black seed oil. Blackberry oil has many qualities. And black cumin oil plays an outstanding role in hair care.

The benefits of black cumin oil are given below:

To reduce hair loss

This is the common hair problem nowadays. The use of black cumin oil mixed with coconut oil greatly reduces the problem of hair loss.

Take one quantity of coconut oil mixed with one teaspoon of black cumin oil. Good results are obtained by using this oil two days a week. The oil should be massaged at the base of the hair.

To prevent premature aging of hair

Living a very unhealthy life and various worries, our hair is getting old prematurely. In that case, if you massage the hair follicles with black cumin oil lightly, the blood circulation in the hair follicles increases. As a result, it is possible to easily prevent premature aging of hair.

To lengthen hair

The amino acids in black cumin oil help to lengthen hair, helping to return carbon to the hair. The hair is easily black and thick.

Make hair healthy 

Usually when the folic acid in the hair is reduced, the hair becomes thin and rough. To solve this problem, before going to sleep at night, half a teaspoon of black cumin oil should be massaged on the scalp and the roots of the hair. Daily use will help to get the hair back to normal

For thick hair:

Oil is the most beneficial in hair care. By oil we usually mean coconut oil. However, if you use some oil mixture to thicken the hair, you will get effective results.

  1. Almond oil and castor oil
  2. Sesame oil and mustard oil
  3. Olive oil and castor oil
  4. Saffron Hair Oil

Before sleeping at night, warm the mixture of this oil lightly and massage it well on the scalp. Take some time so that the oil reaches every root of the hair. If it is not possible to keep it overnight, apply oil on the hair 1 hour before the bath and then shampoo it. Do it twice a week. You will see that hair loss will stop within 1 month and thinning of hair will come down.


Onions are very useful for new hair growth. Those who are going after hair should use onion juice in their hair 2-3 times a week.

Aloe vera:

Take the gel out of aloe vera. Mix 4 teaspoons of honey and apply on each strand of hair. As well as thickening the hair, it will also prevent split ends.


Eggs contain proteins that nourish the hair follicles and help thicken hair. Beat well with an egg white. Then clean hair should be applied from top to bottom with the help of hand or brush. Then carefully comb the hair with the help of a thick tooth comb. Leave it for 20-30 minutes and shampoo it in normal water.

There is no need to apply conditioner on the day you lay eggs in your hair. Do this once a week.


Honey acts as a very good moisturizer for the scalp. However, honey is very sticky when used on hair, so use a very small amount (not more than 4-5 teaspoons) of honey in the hair follicles. Leave it for 15 minutes. Then rinse with water.

Ways to lengthen hair 

Milk or sour yogurt

Milk or yogurt makes the hair soft and smooth and removes the roughness of the hair. As a result, the hair will get nutrition and the hair will not break. Mix coconut oil, almond oil, half a cup of milk or sour yogurt. Then apply this mixture well on the hair and leave it for 30-40 minutes and wash the hair with shampoo. Apply this mixture on the scalp and hair at least 2 days a week for 1 to 2 hours. Get better results quickly.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice is used in many ways in hair beauty practice. Mix equal amounts of water with lemon juice. Now apply it well on the hair. Leave it for 20-30 minutes and wash your hair.

 Tea liqueur

Tea liqueur is not comparable to hair growth. Because it is very good as a hair conditioner. Dip your hair in a pot of tea liqueur for 10 minutes or wash your hair gently with the liqueur after bathing. In this way, use tea liqueur on the hair for 2/3 days.

 Vitamin-E capsules

  • For special hair care, take 1 vitamin E capsule with olive oil according to the length of the hair. Then heat it lightly and apply it well on the scalp. Leave it for 30 minutes and wash your hair. For best results, apply this mixture on your head overnight and wash your hair in the morning. Use 2/3 days a week, 
  • I hope some tips in hair care will come in handy
  • Scrub your hair before bathing. Always comb your hair from the bottom. If you have tangled hair, it will be easily removed. Hair loss will be less and you will always use a thick tooth comb to untangle your hair.
  •  Shampoo your hair three days a week. If you shampoo your hair, your natural oil will be lost and your hair will become dry.
  •  Do not tie your hair tightly with a towel or towel at the end of the bath.
  •  Do not comb wet hair because the roots of the hair are soft.
  • Do not give extra oil to the hair. Apply a little oil on the hair roots and massage the hair.
  • Before going to bed at night, comb your hair lightly and braid. Mix cinnamon powder with coconut oil and massage it into the hair follicles to stop hair loss.

 You can apply the hair pack of your choice 3 times a week.

  •  After shampooing, you can wash your hair with lemon or tea liqueur in a mug of water, it will make your hair silky.
  •  After bathing, you can boil six to seven guava leaves in a mug of water and wash your hair with that water to reduce hair loss.
  • Drink plenty of water and wash the comb twice a week.
  •  Boil Amalaki in coconut oil and store in a glass bottle. Massage the oil into the hair roots before shampooing.
  • To stop hair loss, apply onion juice on the hair roots for 10 minutes and then wash it off. If used regularly, hair will grow and dandruff will be reduced.
  • When honey is mixed with cinnamon powder and applied on the hair loss area, new hair grows.
  • Follow the above tips for at least three days in a row for four days. I hope you will get results in 15 days. Stay healthy. Stay tuned and of course like my page.
  •  It is normal to lose 100 to 150 hairs per day but if it falls more than that, it is definitely abnormal. Try to count the hairs that are attached to the pillow towel or comb.
  • At least three consecutive days as described above. Follow at least four of the tips, hope to get results in 15 days.
  • Whatever the reason for hair loss, a doctor’s advice should be taken. In addition, the things that you need to pay attention to are:

Balanced diet:

I want to have a lot of vegetables and seasonal fruits in the daily food list and there is milk, eggs and fish in the meat. Eat adequate amounts of protein-rich foods – our hair is basically made up of keratin. It is a type of protein made up of amino acids. So in order for new hair to grow, your body must supply enough

  •  amino acids.
  •  Fish, meat,
  • Cheese,
  • Milk
  • eggs – try to have at least one of these on your diet every day. 
  • You can also get it from
  •  soybeans, 
  • Peas,
  •  Bananas,
  •  nuts etc. 
  • However, non-vegetarian foods are relatively high in protein. Iron and zinc-rich foods transport oxygen to your head cells, helping to build new tissue and prevent decay. Peas, nuts, liver, meat, milk contain the zinc and iron you need. Eat fruits with vitamin C. hair problem

Moderate sleep:

It is not possible to keep the body healthy if you do not sleep properly. So there should be adequate amount of sleep. Meditation can also be done to prevent hair loss.

Hair should be thoroughly cleaned at least three days a week. Can shampoo if needed. However, before shampooing, you must keep it with oil for one hour. Otherwise the hair will become rough.

Natural Hair Care Ingredients:( hair problem)

Massage hot oil one day a week and it is better if you can give lemon juice with it. Mango, bohera, chlorophyll and fenugreek can be ground together and mixed with coconut oil or olive oil. Blackheads are helpful for new hair growth on the head. Using black cumin oil on the head and using black cumin in food gives very good results.

However, due to various reasons, the cotton can rise untimely, so in all cases, a doctor’s advice should be taken. Take care of your hair by following the correct procedure with the advice of a doctor

What is baldness?

What is meant by baldness is andro-genetic alopecia.


★ Some male hormones

★ Some heredity

What happens?

The beginning is between twenty and thirty. The pattern is that at first the hair on both sides of the front of the head becomes thinner. Much of the English M shape. Then the occipital region of the back of the head turns. After going through several stages, the empty part of the head continues to grow.

Are girls bald?

Girls can also have problems, especially after menopause, due to the imbalance of male hormones and female hormones.

What causes baldness?(hair problem)

There are many causes of hair loss, such as:

  • chronic illness
  • No typhoid, malaria
  • Accident
  • Surgery
  •  Dandruff problem
  • Water problem
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Air pollution
  •  Use unsightly shampoo
  •  Use of unsightly scalp oil
  •  Any skin disease of the scalp
  • FungalAfter 

Deficiency (hair problem)

Vitaminy young women lose their hair even after going on a crush diet to lose weight. This type of hair loss is called telogen effluvium. This means that the hair follicles suddenly become inactive or begin to reach a state that results in hair loss.

 Hair loss can be caused by cancer drugs.

 Hair loss may be due to thyroid or kidney problems.(hair problem)

 Anemia can cause hair loss.

Even extra stress can cause hair loss.

There are many more reasons.

How much hair can fall out every day normally? (hair problem)

Every day 80 to 100 hairs fall out, again the same amount of hair grows. That is the rule. This is the beginning of the problem of hair loss.


It is better to start the treatment at a very early stage, even if it cannot be cured, but baldness can be postponed for a few years.

Our hair is made up of a type of protein called keratin. It is normal to wear 100 to 125 hairs on an average every day. However, if you start wearing too much hair, it is definitely a cause for concern. If you can’t figure out why this is happening, take a look at your sleeping routine now.

Adequate amount of sleep is especially associated with the good or bad of our body’s various activities. Many people have this problem due to lack of adequate sleep. Today, I do not know how less sleep can be the cause of your excess hair.

Hormonal differences in the body can be one of the reasons behind wearing hair. Waking up at night for a long time or waking up repeatedly has a bad effect on our hormones. Our body has a substance called androgenic hormone on which hair weaving largely depends.

When the amount of this hormone in the body increases excessively, the amount of hair wear also increases. Notice, when you are in a state of anxiety and can’t sleep well, naturally the amount of hair you wear also increases comparatively. So to maintain the balance of hormones in the body, a regular amount of sleep is a must.

So what is the solution? (hair problem)

Some tips for getting enough sleep

If you realize that sleep deprivation is responsible for getting your hair done, then try to develop some habits now and give up some habits. Because if you wear too much hair, it is important to control it as soon as possible. Let’s find out now from the simple solution.

1) Try to fall asleep at a certain time every day

More or less all of us are not properly maintained routine of sleeping with various reluctance or excuses. But its harmful side but a lot. Schedule a certain time and at that time you must put all the work in order and go to bed. Refrain from using any electric device at this time.

2) Tidy up your bed before going to sleep

If the bed is dirty or there is dust in the room, you must clean it before going to bed. Those who do not have trouble sleeping in the dark, they can darken the room. You can arrange egg lights for dim light.

3) Refrain from drinking tea or coffee before going to bed

People who have trouble sleeping at night should give up the habit of drinking tea and coffee as soon as possible before going to bed. Drinking tea or coffee before going to bed can have a detrimental effect on our health as well as our sleep. This is because tea or coffee contains caffeine which reduces the amount of adrenaline needed for sleep.

4) Avoid foods that interfere with the digestive process

Before going to bed, try to eat foods that will keep your stomach cool and easily digested. Avoid oily foods as much as possible. Include easy-to-digest, fibrous or light foods on your night menu.

5) Try not to smoke at night (hair problem)

Many people think that smoking before going to bed last night greatly reduces stress. But in reality the opposite happens. Cigarettes contain nicotine which causes severe sleep disturbances.

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