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Cancer: Breast cancer it’s causes and treatment

Why is breast cancer? Breast cancer is a deadly disease. If caught early, the chances of the patient getting better are greatly increased. Breast cancer is now at the top of women’s cancer in Bangladesh as well as all over the world. Although only a couple of years ago uterine cancer was at the top.

Breast cancer is a scary name for women. Women have a 100 percent higher risk of developing breast cancer than men. And women don’t want to tell anyone about their secret organ diseases easily. As a result, they are constantly suffering from complex diseases like breast cancer.

Most women are not aware of their own health. There are many causes for breast cancer. However, mothers who do not breastfeed their children have a higher risk of breast cancer.

About the causes of breast cancer, she said, there are different symptoms of breast cancer. Feeling of wheels or lumps in the breasts or armpits, redness or pain anywhere in the breasts, feeling of lumps and other symptoms.

Women are most likely to get breast cancer. Therefore, women need to be aware in this case. Because a healthy mother can give birth to a healthy child. But most women in our country are not aware of their health. Also they do not want to go to the doctor.

breast cancer

Some causes of breast cancer

The exact cause of breast cancer has not yet been fully diagnosed. But there are some differences and symptoms, which are seen in some women, the risk of this disease is higher than others.


  1. Not exercising and gaining extra weight, increases the risk of cancer.
  2. Eating extra fatty foods, not including vegetables in the diet, increases the risk of this cancer. Again, for long periods of time, consuming excessive amounts of sugary foods, artificially preserved foods, increases the chances of developing breast cancer.
  3. Late marriages, especially after 30 years of being the mother of the first child and not having many children, also increase the risk of breast cancer.
  4. Women who do not breastfeed regularly are more likely to develop breast cancer.
  5. Increases the risk of breast cancer if you have been exposed to air fresheners, pesticides, extra chemical cosmetics, deodorants and radioactive substances for a long time.
  6. Genetic factors are responsible for 5% to 10% of mutations in genes called BRCA1 and BRCA2 for breast cancer.
  7. The risk of contracting the disease also depends on the age at which women start and stop menstruating. If a woman starts menstruating before the age of 12 and stops after the age of 50. In that case, they have a higher risk of getting breast cancer.
  8. Women who have been taking birth control pills or taking hormone injections for a long time also have a higher risk of developing breast cancer.

Symptoms of breast cancer:

  • Changes in the size or shape of the breast.
  • Insertion of the nipple.
  • Feels like a wheel on the top of the breast or near the armpits. Even if it is not seen, it can be understood by giving a hand.
  • Changes occur in the skin of the breast. It starts to get a little stiff and rough.
  • Breast color also begins to change. It looks red and swollen.
  • Blood or pus in the nipple.
  • Going inside the nipple or nipple.
  • Breast discoloration or thickening of the skin. (Like an orange peel)
  • Wheels appear on the breast.
  • First of all, it is a radical change in our way of life. For example, nowadays we eat a lot of fast food, we eat very little green vegetables, we do less physical work – as a result we are suffering from excess obesity. Obesity is one of the leading causes of breast cancer.
  • Fluid or blood may come out of the nipple like white discharge.
  • If it is possible to diagnose breast cancer at an early stage, the treatment of cancer becomes easier. By doing this, it is possible to reduce the death rate of breast cancer very easily. And so, awareness of all of us can build resistance to breast cancer.

Diagnosis test

First of all, the specialist has a history of the patient’s disease. Physical examination. Breast cancer is diagnosed through various tests. Experts give it in keeping with the age of the patient. E.g.

  1. Mammography * Ultrasonography * MRI * FNAC – From Wheel * Biopsy / Meat Examination


  1. If caught early, 90-95 percent of patients can dream of recovery. The treatment of this cancer is mainly divided into several parts-
  2. Surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy.
  3. Hormone therapy and targeted therapy.


The patient may need surgery at any stage of breast cancer. Whether surgery can be performed or what type of surgery will be the primary consideration. The decision will be made by the surgeon and the cancer specialist. Many times only the tumor is removed. Many times the whole best is thrown away.


Almost all patients have to take chemotherapy. Chemotherapy works even before or after surgery if the disease has spread to other parts of the body. Although chemotherapy has some side effects, there is no substitute for chemotherapy to heal the patient. The oncologist gives appropriate advice considering the physical condition of the patient, the effectiveness of chemotherapy, the financial condition of the patient etc. Physicians also prescribe chemotherapy to reduce side effects.


Patients are given radiotherapy treatment through special machines.

Its side effects are comparatively much less. Radiotherapy is given immediately after general chemotherapy. Not only breast cancer but also radiotherapy can be used to prevent bone fractures.

Hormone therapy

Not all breast cancer patients need hormones. Cancer experts identify who needs hormone treatment through various tests.

Targeted therapy

This therapy is opening new horizons for patients. Such as- Transtyuumab, Lapatinib, Bevacizumab etc.

Things to do

Breast Cancer Screening is important for cancer prevention. Everyone should know about this by meeting with cancer specialists and should come under this program. Then the disease will be caught at an early stage and the patient will recover quickly.

If we make some changes in our lifestyle and lifestyle (which is the cause of cancer), the incidence of this disease will be greatly reduced and the position of people with a healthy and beautiful life in our society will be strengthened.

Who are at risk of getting breast cancer

Older women who have a family history of breast cancer, women who have not breastfed their children due to mutations in genes called BRCA-1, BRCA-2, early menstruation, late menopause, alcoholism, certain breast diseases If lobular hyperplasia. In addition to any other cancer such as colon, ovarian cancer

Breast Pain and Homeopathic Remedies!

Numerous mammary glands are made up of fat, fibrous fibers, and breasts. The effect of breast hormones in girls increases from 12 years.

The mammary gland consists of 10 to 100 doubles. These lobules end up in the lactiferous duct. The edges of this duct ends at the boot. In addition, the breast contains blood vessels and numerous nerves.

Work: –

* Makes and stores milk.

* Accessory Sex Organ enhances the beauty of women as a sexual organ.

The male breast is located at the midclavicular line near the fourth rib. It almost merges with the breast.

Breast pain.

Cancer of the breast

Most cancers are usually centered on the nipple. The affected area gradually hardens. The nipple sits down. Just as some oranges sit on the top of a lemon peel, so does the skin on the affected area. Pain is felt during the test by hand. Cancer cells from breast cancer in the lymph glands under the armpits cause breast cancer.

As cancer cells infiltrate, they also grow and feel stiff in the hands.

Breast cancer class

** Colloid Cancer, only 1 percent of the breast. At some point it takes on a huge size, taking on an opaque shape like gelatin.

** Atrophic Scirrhous Cancer also 5 percent.

** Strict type of cancer Scirrhous Carcinoma is more common in 80% of cases. The delta is quite stiff, but uneven or irregular all around, moving easily from side to side at first and then sticking

Then you can’t move. The nipple contracts, shrinks, and the upper skin becomes roughly folded.

** Mild Encephaloid Carcinoma 13 percent. If any lumps or lumps are seen in the breast and are covered even slightly with the skin or under the structure, or if the nipple is compressed more than normal, cancer should be considered until something else is proven.

Symptoms of breast cancer

The following symptoms of breast cancer can be described as significant symptoms. This is especially true during life-changing or off-season periods. Seen between 40 and 50 years of age. It can be soft or hard when seen in the form of the lass in the glands of the first breast. At first, there is no pain so it is neglected. But this is the right time to heal in the first place because it was not open then, there was no wound or pain.

As it grows the adjacent part becomes wrinkled, on the other hand, the surrounding or round space appears swollen, stiff, or uneven. Swelling persists until the area is exposed to cancer. There is a bloody discharge from the open wound, the edges of the wound are thick and irritating, the discharge from the wound is very foul-smelling.

In the latter case, the armpit glands are affected, swollen, and swollen and hard from hand to finger. If the bone is affected, then there is shortness of breath with bloody foul-smelling discharge. If the affected area cannot be moved by hand. If the sternum or rib bone is affected and the healing time has passed, then it is necessary to know if the sternum or rib bone has been affected

Breast cancer testing methods and some ancillary advice

Never push hard or look with your fingertips. Must be tested very politely, humbly, and sympathetically. He will grab the affected area like a ball is lifted from the floor with his fingers and see if the touch feels abnormal. Does it feel hard or lumpy, does it look like a hard flesh or lumpy breast? Does it feel like hard frozen butter?

The pain of cancer is like the pain of needle puncture. Keep in mind that even if you have cancer, you may not have pain. The more the disease progresses, the more the pain will increase and last forever. If the nipple gets inside and a bloody discharge like water starts coming out of the nipple then it is nothing but cancer. Convulsions with fleshy tumors and gland enlargement are never going to go wrong.

To know the future consequences of cancer, the general health and life habits of the patient must be considered. Is the patient very anxious? Or have you been suffering from various diseases for a long time? Worked hard? And is his vitality too weak for these reasons? Seki has become weak to be the mother of many children?

Have his normal defenses been weakened for any operation? Seki has passed menopause or is approaching the end of the season, in which case the disease is favorable. If he has any kind of digestive noise, it must be cured before cancer can be cured. If there is any discharge such as bleeding, leukorrhea, diabetes, bleeding hemorrhoids, chronic diarrhea, etc., stop them.

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