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Best water purifier in Bangladesh

We cannot lead a single moment without Water. That’s why we’ll explore some of the best water purifiers in Bangladesh right now. We all know it and we can all agree that having clean water is incredibly important for both individual and community health.

Top 4 water purifier in Bangladesh 2022

The Tap water in Dhaka is not safe to drink. The authorities have repeatedly issued warnings, but the situation has not improved. The levels of Lead, Mercury and other poisonous chemicals are way above the maximum limits permissible by WHO. As a result, the citizens have no choice but to drink bottled water which is expensive. There are many brands of water purifiers available in the market but most of them are not reliable.

So, what is the best water purifier to buy in Bangladesh? Is it safe to drink purified?

Now I am telling you about the top 4 water purifiers in Bangladesh for home.

Kent Maxx UV Water Purifier

Just UV water purifier with a separable capacity tank that gives twofold sanitization first by UV followed by empty fiber UF layer. This purifier is intended for divider mounting, the most ideal for tap/civil water supply and homegrown purposes.

Kent Maxx UV Water Purifier

Product Description

Double Purification:
In this purifier, two step filtration happens first by UV, trailed by empty fiber UF film to totally sift through dead microorganisms, infections and growths, along these lines giving 100 percent unadulterated, safe and clean drinking water, which is most important for health.

UV Water Purifier with Storage Tank 7L:
Arranged with significance, KENT Maxx goes with a limit cutoff of 7 liters. The separable stockpiling tank is additionally simple to clean nearby without the need of any expert. The model has a straightforward cover that makes it outwardly engaging.

Enacted Carbon Pre-channel:
The Activated Carbon Pre-channel in the purifier decreases original taste and smell giving filtered water that is solid, delectable and protected to drink.

Appropriate for Low TDS Water:
KENT Maxx doesn’t eliminate broke up contaminations and henceforth is reasonable for use where bay water, similar to tap or metropolitan water, that have low TDS (Total Dissolved Solids).

World’s Top Quality Certifications:
This water purifier is tried and confirmed for its presentation and quality by incredibly famous’ research centers, like the WQA (USA and India) and NSF (USA). These accomplishments ensure that KENT gives the most decontaminated water as well as trusted by millions.

Customer/User Feedback for this product —

The water purifier is gorgeous and extremely jazzy.. the assistance is so good and the nature of the water is awesome.

KENT Grand Star Smart RO Water Purifier

At present drink 100 percent spotless and safe water with KENT Grand Star Smart RO Water Purifier, a high-level RO purifier with in-fabricated UV sterilization. The most appropriate for Bangladeshi homes and workplaces, KENT Grand Star is great for cleansing salty, tap and metropolitan enterprise water.

KENT Grand Star Smart RO Water Purifier


Product Description:

Multistage Purification Process:
The multi-stage interaction of RO+UV+UF+TDS Control+ UV sterilization away tank makes the drinking water 100 percent for utilization. The multistage cleaning process eliminates even the broke up pollutants like synthetics, microscopic organisms, infections, and salts.

Savvy RO Water Purifier with Digital Display:
For the comfort of the clients, the water purifier accompanies an advanced screen that permits you to screen the situation with the tank, channel life, and cleaned water quality.

In-tank UV Disinfection:
KENT Grand Star is the water purifier in India that has an in-tank UV sanitization highlight. The extraordinary component protects the put away water in tank for utilization.

Save Water Technology:
Understanding this major issue and innovation slack countrywide, Kent RO frameworks Limited has concocted this inventive ‘Save Water Technology™’. KENT asserts that the innovation holds fundamental normal minerals in purged water utilizing the TDS regulator, along these lines giving 100 percent protected and delectable drinking water.

9ltrs High Storage Capacity:
The water purifier accompanies a high stockpiling limit of 9 liters to guarantee that you get a constant inventory of clean water even without even a trace of power. The water level marker assists you with monitoring the degree of decontaminated water in the capacity tank.

Customer/User Feedback for this product —

This is the best RO WATER PURIFIER in Bangladesh………. I recently utilized Live pure and It was simply trash.

Ultima Crystal RO Water Purifier

ULTIMA Crystal RO accompanies 100 GPD (378L/Day) purging limit and huge loads of different highlights that make it stand as #1 RO water purifier in Bangladesh. It’s a programmed inline framework. So there is no issue of bubbling water and no gamble of synthetic blending.

Ultima Crystal RO Water Purifier

Product Description:

Progressed Auto Shut-Off:
It quickly turns down the power after the culmination of cleaning. So no misuse of power!

100 percent Water Protection:
Its most recent USA based RO innovation guarantees 100 percent safe and mineralized water at home.

Convenient Multi-Faucet:
Its enemy of rust combination spigot can be furnished with extra fixtures and set up in any appropriate spot.

6 stages++ Purification:
In view of the water quality, extra pre-stages can be added to guarantee the life span of your RO gadget.

Bigger and Air Pressure Storage Tank:
100 percent food evaluated 8 liters 50 PSI pneumatic force tank that forestalls outdoors contact and repeated pollution.

Ideal Mineral and pH Balance:
ULTIMA gives the cleanest water, yet in addition adds fundamental minerals and guarantees ideal pH level.

Customer/User Feedback for this product —

I purchased a Ultima item and utilizing for a very long time. Their item appears to be the best one in Bangladesh. Enthusiastically Recommended.

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Pureit Mineral Ultima RO+UV+MF

Pureit Ultima RO + UV accompanies a trend setting innovation that carefully shows you, how unadulterated your drinking water is. An electronic board that carefully shows the quality^ of water as well as the life of Germkill Kit™.

Pureit Mineral Ultima RO+UV+MF


Product Description:

Computerized Advanced Alert System:
The two concentric circles alert you 15 days# before the existence of Germkill Kit™ moves past

RO Protection Lock:
When the Germkill Kit™ life is finished, it naturally stops the progression of water with the goal that you get unadulterated water

100 percent RO and UV:
100 percent water goes through RO and UV to give you totally protected and unadulterated drinking water

Directed Alert System:
If there should arise an occurrence of explicit electrical flaws, a fragment of red band will enlighten where the shortcoming is.

TDS Modulator:
Adds minerals present filtration on upgrade the flavor of water

7-Stage Purification:
Transforms hard water up to TDS 2000 ppm into delicate and sweet water through RO + UV innovation.

Customer/User Feedback for this product —

This product is really nice and a good product at a cheap price. Enthusiastically Recommended.

We recommend the KENT Grand Star Smart RO Water Purifier for those who want a simple and low-cost product with high quality. Because this is the water purifier in Bangladesh. It’s easy to use. It also has 2 years warranty that gives you a great chance.

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