Bangladesh is a small country but Bangladesh is improving day by day. Nowadays,  Refrigerator products are in high demand. That’s why a lot of Bangladeshi companies are manufacturing the Best refrigerator product and that product is leading all over the world. The product is  Refrigerator  smart TV, smartphone, AC, Micro oven, Laptop, Iron machine, washing machine, Blender, etc. (p) 

Top Three electronic product Refrigerator and brands in Bangladesh:

Refrigerator is a home improvement product. Now is digital time so change lifestyle. A refrigerator is important for the house. Our country’s product service is better than outside country. Bangladesh has many brands for refrigerators. Bangladesh product price possible in bourgeois. I refer top five electronic product refrigerators and brands in Bangladesh. (p)

01. Walton Refrigerator WFE-2H2-GDXX :

Walton brand refrigerator product is one of the best in Bangladesh. This company’s product service is best.  Walton refrigerator WFE-2H2-GDXX  Model product price on your budget. It has a different color. The refrigerating appliances Conforming to the international standard are classified into four climate classes or into a range of classes, i.e. Table 1 The range of ambient temperatures in which the appliances are intended to be used, and for which the required storage temperatures are to be met for best Cooling performance. Table 1 – Climate classes Class Symbol Ambient temperature range °C SN Extended temperate Temperate Subtropical Tropical + 10 to +32 + 16 to +32 + 16 to +38 + 16 to +43 ST T 100% COPPER CONDENSER Copper condenser tube lasts 20-25 years in refrigeration system. So, the copper tube ensures you any type of leakage-free performance of refrigerator in the future. 100% Copper Condenser MAGICAL NANO-SILVER TECHNOLOGY IN PLASTIC A cell of bacteria consists of cell membrane and nucleus. The cell membrane got the negative ion property and the nanosilver got the positive ion property by the nature. When the cell membrane gets in contact with the nanosilver then cell membrane is broken by nanosilver particles & bacteria die. NANO HEALTHCARE

best refrigerator

Price:  BDT 26,190 (H4)

Best color combinationMarket some time not available because of high demand
Save electricitySometimes it produces some extra heat.
Free home services and delivery
Without electricity 24 hours backup
Easy-open door and lock
Extra stabilizer no need.
Good cooling system. 

Product information: (H4)   

Type Direct Cool
 Capacity :
 Gross Volume 282 Ltr.
 Net Volume 265 Ltr.
 Performance :
 The climate Type (SN, N, ST, T) : N ~ ST
 Rated Operating Voltage and Frequency 220-240V ~ and 50Hz
 Compressor Input Power in the (W) V 0201- 109
 V 0301- 96
 V 0401- 111
 Compressor Type V 0201- RSCR
 V 0301- RSCR
​ V 0401- RSCR
The  cooling Effect Freezer Cabinet Less than -180C
 Refrigerator Cabinet 00C to +50C
 General features :
 Temperature Control (Electronic/  Mechanical) Mechanical
 Defrosting (Automatic/ Manual) Manual
 Reversible Door No
 Handle (Recessed/ Grip) Recressed/ Grip/ Built-in
 Lock Yes
 Refrigerant V 0201- R134a  V 0301- R600a V 0401- R134a
 Condenser Copper
 Thermostat RoHS Certified
 Capillary Copper
 Polyurethane foam blowing agent CycloPentene
 [Eco-friendly (100% CFC & 
 HCFC Free) Green Technology]
 Recommended voltage stabilizer capacity 2100VA
 Refrigerator Compartment :
 Shelf (Material/ No.) Wire/2
 Door Basket PVC/3
 Interior Lamp Yes
 Vegetable Crisper Yes (Plastic)
 Vegetable Crisper Cover Yes (ABS/ PS)
 Egg Tray or Pocket Yes
 Can Storage Dispenser No
 Deodorizer No
 Freezer Compartment :
 Shelf (Material/ No.) Wire/2
 Drawer No
 Door Basket No
 Interior Lamp No
 Net Dimensions :
 Width/mm 594
 Depth/mm 708
 Height/mm 1520
 Packaging Dimensions :
 Width/mm 625
 Depth/mm 745
 Height/mm 1530
 Weight/Kg – Net/Packing: 59 / 66 ± 2 Kg
 The Loading Capacity of – 40HQ/ 50Ft/ 20Ft 80/ 80/ 38

Client Review:

Alecjender (USA)

Love our new refrigerator. The ice maker is fabulous and the frig keeps food longer in bins or out. Plugged in and started using it!! The only drawback for cleaning is the drawn design. Bits and crumbs get into the front lips and require removing draw to flush out these annoying crumbs. Maybe I can vacuum out but realize no one wants to do that! 🙂 The options for shelf height are excellent and using the hanging bins or trays is a plus and bottle rack. Deep bins indoors are also great. For depth, storage and height this is the best frig on the market.

Johonas Jamis (UK)

This fridge is so quiet, can hardly hear it run.  The ample space in both fridge and freezer. I wish I had gotten this years ago. The black stainless doesn’t show any marks and is very elegant. It fits perfectly as a counter-depth unit. Am so happy with this purchase! 

2. MyOne Refrigerator (ML- 222 Blue Lily):

Now a day MyOne refrigerator is provided a lot of the best quality refrigerators with wonderful features. We will discuss here the latest model of ML- 222 Blue Lily. It has good locking color and wonderful features.  Made by PMDI & Polyol in Germany. Vitamins are protective so vitamins are safe in food Electricity is affordable so electricity bill is much lower.  Glassdoor so will not rust in life 12-year guarantee on compressor

Price:  BDT 26,190 

best refrigerator

 Product information:

Luxurious appearance
Wide temperature & wide voltage design
Nano Technology
6D Cooling System
100% Food Grade Materials
Gross Capacity: 222 Liter

Best color combination The market is sometimes not available because of high demand.
Save electricity and powerSometimes it produces some extra heat.
Free home services and delivery for 12 years.
Without electricity 24 hours backup and fresh food.
Easy-open door and lock 
Extra stabilizer no need.
Good cooling system. 

Client Review:

Josif jon (AU)

I like the three-door structure with the inside ‘pockets’ in the freezer section. Efficient on fuel and excellence on food freshness.

Jamis Hug (UK)

Love the simplicity of the Refrigerator. The buttons on the Ice Maker are clear, unlike many other brands. I like that I get a text message when I leave the door open every time. My only complaint would be that the right door doesn’t always close tight.   

3. Minister Refrigerator (M-165 BLACKBERRY STAR MATCH):

Minister group is one of the best electronic providers in Bangladesh. They produce world-class electronic products. Especially there refrigerator is word class. We will discuss here M-165 BLACKBERRY STAR (MATCH) this refrigerator model. Maintaining Proper Temperature in the Freezer and Refrigerator is Competent to Protect the Vitamin and Long Storage Time of Frozen Food. Using electricity Saving Compressor, Maintain Foaming Density 36k/m3(German Chemical), Using electricity Saving Refrigerant(R600a). Food Grade Korean Resin to Make Plastic Item use. Also Anti-Fungal Door Gasket & Easy Removal for Cleaning. The high Tempered Glass Door to Absorb the Shock.

Best color combination The market is sometimes not available because of high demand.
Save electricity and powerSometimes it produces some extra heat.
Free home services and delivery for 5 years.
Without electricity 24 hours backup and fresh food.
Easy-open door and lock 
Extra stabilizer no need.
Good cooling system. 
best refrigerator

Product information:

Freezer Capacity40%
Refrigerator Capacity 60%
Cooling TypeFrost
Door Quantity2
Freezer TypeTop Freezer
Door LockYes
Refrigerant Charge (g)38
The blowing agent of PU foamCyclopentane
Inner LinerHIPS
Door PlateGlass
Side PanelPCM
Back PanelAluzinc
Compressor Voltage Range160V-260V
Rated Voltage (AC)220~240 V
Rated Current0.27A
Rated Frequency50Hz
Built-in StabilizerYES
Dimension(mm) HxWxL1295 x 600 x 590
Gross Capacity (Liter)165
CFT (Overall Dimension)10
Net Weight (Kg)37.4

Client Review: 

Hung ju (Cha)

I am disappointed in how much the center “flap” on the right door affects the left door. I’d never owned a french door refrigerator before and didn’t realize the right door isn’t really intended to be opened by itself. One more item of note: this pushed the limits of our standard fridge opening. We have a 72″ by 36″ space and this fridge filled every 1/8″ of it! After we leveled it we actually needed to adjust the cabinet doors above it so that they could clear the top.

Shu Hi (JP)

I couldn’t be happier. The brush nickel finish is great…no fingerprints and it’s a pretty dark grey color. I love the ice in the freezer and the water dispenser in the fridge. The connectivity tells me when someone doesn’t close the door. It’s really a great refrigerator

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