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Benefits of Almonds

Benefits of Almonds

There is no substitute for almonds in terms of nutrition and physical benefits.  It contains a lot of protein, calcium, vitamin E, fibre, selenium, vitamin C, antioxidants, amino acids, potassium and omega-three fatty acids and many more, which are used by the body in many ways and helps in curing various diseases.  Peanuts, walnuts, pesto nuts, wood nuts (almonds) and cashews have a huge amount of dietary energy.

 Several studies have shown that if one starts eating nuts in a bowl on a regular basis, then certain substances enter the body, which not only keeps the body strong but also plays a special role in keeping away multiple diseases.

 why you should include nuts in your diet:

 * Almonds play an important role in improving heart health.  The omega-3 in nuts keeps the heart healthy and eliminates the risk of heart attack.

 * Almonds contain calcium, vitamins and iron which increase immunity and beautify the body.

 Almonds strengthen bones and increase blood circulation.  It also reduces the risk of death.

 * Almonds help reduce stress and increase thinking power.

 * Almonds are very beneficial for pregnant women.  This is very important for the health of both the expectant mother and the unborn child.

 * Vitamins in nuts keep our skin smooth and remove the impression of age.  It also has a role in removing dark spots under the eyes.

 * Eating nuts keeps the liver and kidneys well.  It helps in relieving shortness of breath and constipation.

 * Almond fiber helps reduce blood glucose levels which helps control diabetes.

 * Eating nuts reduces the risk of colon cancer.

 * Almonds are very effective for those who are suffering from high cholesterol problems.  Regular consumption of wood almonds lowers bad cholesterol levels.

But those who have problems in digestion, they must eat the ability of digestion. The problem of gas, acidity or allergies, should be avoided with nuts. There are different types of nuts. Protein, vitamin, mineral, fiber and oil emergency source nuts. This food is full of nutrients in the nutrition. There are adequate carbohydrates in the sugar-free nut. It is possible to stay healthy by playing the taste of Manohari-moderate quantities. Recent two studies have shown that regular nuts eat their life span. They are also free from different problems of heartburn. There are seven qualities that are nuts, which will keep life ever colorful. Many types of nuts are produced in the world. All the nuts are nutritious. Let’s know about nuts and the quality of nuts.

Benefits of Almonds:

There are many benefits of almonds. Now, Let’s know some important benefits of almonds:

1.  Improve bone health: 

Several studies have shown that the phosphorus present in nuts does something after entering the body that results in increased bone strength.  That’s why if you start eating nuts in a bowl every day, there is no risk of getting any bone disease in your life.

 2.  Increase Brain Power:

 Researchers at Andrews University in the United States have found that nuts contain a number of ingredients that, when found, play a key role in boosting brain power.  That is why students are advised to eat nuts before the exam.

 3.  Diseases like cancer stay away:

Antioxidants present in nuts play a special role in preventing cancer as well as improving immunity and keeping away various infections.  And last but not least, the antioxidant has many other benefits.  For example, reducing oxidative traces prevents cell injury, as well as helping to reduce skin and body age.

 4. Eliminate nutritional deficiencies: 

This natural ingredient comes from the Middle East and shakes up the country. The body contains about 3.5 grams of fiber, 6 grams of protein, 14 grams of fat along with vitamin E, manganese, vitamin B2, phosphorus and magnesium.  All these elements are needed to keep the body healthy.  In some cases, these ingredients also help to keep away multiple chronic diseases.  Incidentally, eating a handful of nuts enters the body only 161 calories.  As a result, there is no fear of gaining weight by eating this food.

 5.  Improve immunity:

 It is an ingredient that plays a special role in preventing cancer as well as in preventing various infections by improving immunity.  And last but not least, the antioxidant has many other benefits.  For example, reducing oxidative traces prevents cell injury, as well as helping to reduce skin and body age.

 6.  Decrease levels of bad cholesterol: Looking at the statistics of the last few decades, you can see how the rate of heart disease has increased due to uncontrolled cholesterol.  So, it is important to be careful about this.  Care should be taken not to increase the level of bad cholesterol in the body in any way.  And how to do this work?  Very easy!  Include nuts in your daily diet, then you will not have to worry about heart health.  In fact, some of the nutrients in nuts increase the level of good cholesterol in the body.  As a result, bad cholesterol levels naturally begin to decrease.  At the same time, the risk of heart disease is reduced.

7. Control blood pressure: 

Not only diabetes, magnesium present in nuts also plays a special role in controlling blood pressure.  Multiple case studies have shown that deficiency of this mineral in the body can lead to severe rise in blood pressure in a short period of time.  And if the blood pressure stays out of control for a long time, the risk of sudden stroke, heart attack and kidney problems increase.  Therefore, it is very important to take care so that magnesium deficiency does not occur in the body at any time.

8. Control weight:

 Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness.  As a result, the tendency to overeat is reduced.  At the same time, the possibility of weight gain is reduced by accumulating extra calories required by the body.

 9.  Control blood sugar levels:

 Magnesium in nuts helps control blood sugar levels.  That’s why doctors advise diabetics to eat nuts regularly.  In fact, a recent study found that eating nuts regularly reduced the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by about 25-36 percent.  So those who have a family history of this deadly disease, start using nuts in time.  You will see the benefits.

 10. Increase the capacity of the cells: 

The large amount of vitamin E present in nuts increases the performance of the cells scattered in every corner of the body and also takes care that they do not cause any damage to the body.  As a result, even with age, it has no effect on the body.

 11.  Improve digestion: 

Several studies have shown that regular consumption of almonds soaked in water increases the secretion of certain enzymes in the body, which in turn improves digestion.  At the same time, the incidence of heartburn also decreases.  Now you understand the food-loving Bengali, why we should eat a handful of nuts every day!

In conclusion, the nutritional value of almonds is very good.  It is rich in dietary fiber, vitamins and sugars.  Almonds usually help prevent cancer, breast cancer and heart disease.  Almonds are great for hair and skin.

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