Acne problem causes and it’s solution

What are the common causes of acne problem? It can be due to various reasons. Acne mainly affects people with oily skin. Then for those who have dandruff on the head, it is seen that it is much more. It is seen that we get more of these patients in these places on the forehead and back.

acne problem

Acne can also be caused by taking medication for some reason, especially if women have been taking birth control pills for a long time, or if both boys and girls are taking steroids, or if they are taking antibiotic cooler drugs for TB. Then it is seen that many people have a hormonal imbalance, in that case also acne can occur.

Problems with the thyroid gland can lead to acne due to thyroid dysfunction. In the case of women, it is seen that there is acne, but the problem of irregular menstruation goes away. In that case, also acne is happening.

Now we will know the 2 real causes of acne.

1 / Irregular period / menstruation: It is less of a problem for girls. Many girls have irregular periods and if you have this irregular period and you have acne on your face then this irregular period is responsible for acne. And for this you have to make arrangements to repair the irregular period first. If you want, you can show a singing expert or if you want to post to us about irregular periods, you can write and comment.

2 / Feeling sex or getting aroused: There are many girls who suddenly become aroused or 1-2 days before the start of the period or 1-2 days after the end of the period feel or get aroused a lot of sex. But most of the girls don’t pay attention to it or don’t turn their mind towards food to avoid it. And it is also a big problem for acne

What is acne? Why is that? Dosage and treatment

acne problem

Acne (Acne vulgaris or Acne) is a chronic disease of the skin follicles of our body. The disease usually affects the face, neck, chest, back and upper arms. In these places there may be small granules, small abscesses, cysts and even nodules. The disease is most common on the face, especially on the cheeks, nose, forehead and chin.

During adolescence, the hormones testosterone and progesterone influence the sebaceous glands of the skin to secrete more oil. If for some reason the mouth of the ducts of the sebaceous gland is closed, the secretion of sebum is obstructed and it accumulates and swells inside which is known as acne.

When a bacterial infection occurs on it, pus is formed. Many times they look small from the outside, but they can be quite deep. Therefore, even if the acne infection is cured, black spots may remain on the face. The disease usually affects 90 percent of people between the ages of 13 and 19. The incidence of this disease decreases from the age of 20 years.

Sometimes it can occur in the age group of 20 to 30 years and can last up to many years.

What is acne?

Although no specific cause of acne is known, acne can be caused by puberty, hereditary factors, digestive disorders, alcoholism, etc. Acne is one of the most common skin follicles in our body. During adolescence, the sebaceous glands of the skin begin to secrete more oil under the influence of the hormones testosterone and progesterone.

The way this oil comes out is faulty and the oil starts to accumulate inside the glands. At one point the gland ruptures and the oil spreads to the surrounding tissue. Then, the bacteria break down the oil and produce fatty acids in the tissue.

These fatty acids cause inflammation inside the skin, resulting in granules in the skin. This is known as acne. The disease is more common in the neck, chest and back, upper arms and especially in the face. These places may have small granules, abscesses, cysts or nodules.

Types of Acne:

1) Tropical acne which occurs on the back and thighs when there is excessive heat and high humidity.

2) Premenstrual acne which usually occurs in women about a week before menstruation.

3) Acne cosmetics that can be the result of long-term use of some cosmetics.

4) Acne Determine which can be caused by excessive use of oral soap.

5) Steroid acne which can be caused by taking steroid medications. Using this medicine for a long time can increase the amount of acne.

Who has more:

The disease is more common in adolescence. The disease is most common in children between the ages of 18 and 20. Many people suffer from this disease for a long time. The disease usually subsides after the age of 20. However, in some girls, the disease can be seen up to the age of 30.

Ways to get rid of acne:

It is possible to get rid of acne easily by following some rules. Although acne is not caused by any particular food, if the number of acne increases after eating any food, then that food should be omitted. Eat plenty of fruits and water. If you have acne on your face, you should not use any chemical ingredients or cosmetics, you must use natural or herbal things.

What to do in case of acne:

  • Wash your face well with mild soap or face wash 2 to 3 times a day.
  • Never touch acne.
  • No cosmetics or makeup containing oily skin can be used.
  • The head should be kept free from dandruff.
  • Cannot be used in other towels.
  • Get enough sleep at night.
  • Eat more foods rich in protein and vitamins.
  • Drink plenty of vegetables, fruits and water.
  • Salicy, spicy and oily foods should not be eaten.
  • If you have acne, do not eat pickles at all, but sweet chutney can be eaten.
  • Oily creams or foundations cannot be used.
  • Do not oil the hair in such a way that the face also becomes oily.
  • Protect yourself from excessive anger.
  • Eat more vegetarian food. On the other hand, try not to eat non-vegetarian food as much as possible.
  • Dairy products contain a lot of hormonal ingredients that are easily absorbed into the bloodstream. For this reason, cheese, milk and yogurt should be eaten less.
  • Cold drinks should not be eaten at all.
  • Must be stress free.
  • Do not go out in the sun, avoid the sun.

Ways to prevent:

  • Eat more vegetables.
  • Mouth oil should be reduced.
  • Wash your face several times a day with soap to reduce oiliness.
  • Eat less oily foods, salt, fried foods, chocolate, ice cream and fast food.
  • Once the acne is gone, the sting will not go away, the sting will become a hole. Again, germs from the hands and nails infect the acne and the acne turns into boils.

– You have to wipe your face with a towel, you have to wash it repeatedly and keep it clean.

If the acne is mature or more, you must seek the help of a doctor.

Steroid ointment can no longer be used as a remedy for acne. It damages the skin and the use of steroid ointments can cause reverse acne.

There is a good system in this country to remove the holes in the skin for acne. Among these, punch scar remover, dermabrasion, scar elevation etc. can be used to remove holes and blemishes and bring the facial skin back to normal.

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Medical system:

There are many types of acne treatment. If you have acne, you must consult a doctor. If left untreated for a long time, acne can cause severe skin damage and deep inflammation of the skin. Again, acne can be a source of frustration for many.

If the amount of acne is too much, tetracycline or erythromycin should be taken. Such drugs may be taken for many days at a time. A dermatologist must be consulted before taking these drugs. Generally, retin cream or penicillin 2.5% gel can be used safely. Quickly destroys the long-term effects of acne treatment.

Herbal Acne Cure:

Honey: Honey is a natural antiseptic. It has no counterpart in reducing the incidence of acne and removing scars. With regular use of pure honey, acne will go up to zero quota, and there is no pair to reduce acne quickly. Natural remedies are always the most beneficial for the skin. Need to collect pure honey.

Thoroughly clean the face with a light face wash, then wash your face well and wipe gently. Now apply honey on the wet skin with the tip of the finger and massage it a little and keep it for 10 minutes. Then it should be washed very well with water. Do not apply any kind of cosmetics on the face for at least 2 hours.

Alipe Oil Massage: Whether the skin is oily or dry, cleansing with olive oil every night before going to bed will smooth the skin and gradually reduce the incidence of acne. First, rub the palm of the hand with olive oil and heat the oil with both hands. Then, massage this oil on the whole face for about 2 minutes (from bottom to top).

Massage in this way will completely remove makeup and dirt from the skin. Then soak a towel in lukewarm water and wipe off excess oil. Thus, if you clean your face every night, the amount of acne will gradually decrease.

Triphala: Triphala is an effective ingredient to get rid of acne. Triphala is a combination of 3 fruits. It contains amalki, chlorophyll, and bibhitaki. It is not only the solution of acne, but also many other problems. It is also very useful for stomach problems and digestive problems.

There are no side effects to using Triphala as it is completely natural. Triphala is available in the market in the form of dried fruits and many companies sell it after processing it in various ways. However, it is better to use triphala like dried fruits.

The ratio of Trifler mixture is 1 Haritaki, 1 Bibhitaki and 2 Amalki. The triphala mixture should be powdered and soaked in water at night and eaten on an empty stomach in the morning. Breakfast should be at least 10 minutes after eating. In this way, if you use it every day for 3 months, the skin will be clean.

Rose water toner: It is better to use toner to close the pores of the skin after washing the face well every day because if the pores are open, dirt can enter and increase the incidence of acne. Rose water can be quite effective in getting rid of this problem.

Mix rose water with water and keep it in the fridge to make ice. The whole face should be rubbed well with this ice before going out in the morning or after washing the face back home. This will keep the skin oil free for a long time and the pores will be closed.

It will work even if you wipe your face with rose water instead of using it as ice.

How to get rid of acne scars in 7 days:

A kind of black spots are usually seen on the skin of the face after the acne or rash gets better. Treatment relieves acne and blemishes, but fears of side effects from medications and creams remain. Moreover, such things are expensive. But if such black spots can be removed in a natural way, then it is best.

A report published in the Ayurvedic Journal for Medical Sciences states that such is a homely and reliable way. With the help of which the skin of the face can be made spotless in just seven days.

Let’s learn the easy ways:

1. Apply lemon juice directly on the stained part of the face. After 15-20 minutes, wash your face with water. Do this twice a day. You will see the difference in the next 5-6 days.

2. Mix one teaspoon of lemon juice with one teaspoon of honey. Apply this mixture on the black spots on the face. Wash your face after 15-20 minutes. Don’t give anything after that.

3. Mix one teaspoon of lemon juice with one teaspoon of tomato juice. If you can take one teaspoon of oatmeal in that mixture, you will get better results. Apply this mixture on the scars on the face and wash your face with water after 15 minutes. If you do this twice a day, you will get quick results. You will see how quickly the black spots are removed.

In fact, the citric acid in lemons is very beneficial for the skin. It creates an invisible shield over the skin. It also kills the bacteria that cause acne and rashes, and removes oiliness from the skin. Then it’s not too late. Get started today with these side effects home remedies. And get a blemish-free face in a week. With bright skin.


Acne mainly affects people in adolescents, with 80 to 90 percent in the West. The level of this disease is much less in the village. Acne can have serious psychological consequences, especially for most people. Some people may have acne after 30 to 40 years

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